Manyuu Hikenchou fanservice compilation

According to popular internet opinion, no other anime has done uncensored oppai better than Manyuu Hikenchou.


I strongly recommend version 2 which can be found here.


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DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2



Production Company:  Hoods Entertainment

Vintage:  Summer 2011

Notable Seiyuu:  Mamiko Noto, Toru Ohkawa


I watched this show just before I turned to the dark side of ecchi fandom, and I actually kind of liked it.  It was interesting, and I’d take interesting and weird over staid and boring- which describes most anime for me, unfortunately.  I remember watching anime fairly heavily that season in 2011 and thinking it was the 2nd best show during a weak summer season.

The plot may be ridiculous, but it’s not as ridiculous as the detail in the oppai.

Manyuu Hikenchou is strikingly similar in art style, weirdness, and pure envelope-pushing ballsiness to Seikon no Qwaser.  Not only do they look similar, but they have very similar specials on BD (the static picture kind that emphasize art quality).  It turns out that both were made by the same company (Hoods Entertainment) and shared the same director, while being produced within the same 365 day period.  They are the only two anime series that Hoods Entertainment has yet to spearhead, most of their work is done as an inbetween animation company.  Given how good of a job they did on these series, I am surprised they haven’t been more active since 2011.

While technically not hentai, this series was clearly meant to be fapped to, especially the BD extras.  If I ever feel a twinge of shame for making these videos, it won’t be for a series like this one.  A series like this was made for a compilation video.