Rescue Me! fanservice compilation

Yet another manga bundled OVA for a too hardcore for TV ecchi manga.


Torrent.  Seeders needed!

DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2




Production Company:  Hoods Entertainment

Vintage:  Summer 2013

Notable Seiyuu:  none.




Similar to Nozoki Ana, Rescue Me! is based on a fringe ecchi/hentai manga.  These days the popularity of manga that blur the line between ecchi and hentai is growing, and because these series are generally considered too intense for TV, the next best option is to contract out a 1 episode OVA and bundle it with a tankobon release as a promotion.  The massively popular eroge Green Green did something similar in the early 2000s, and despite producing a terrible OVA, it still ended up with enough momentum to greenlight an anime series (which actually turned out to be pretty decent- for ecchi fans).

I’m not really expecting any of these fringe series to get a full anime any time soon, but if one did, Rescue Me! would probably have the best chance.  Though it goes pretty far (non-explicit sex and even depictions of semen), it still follows the classic ecchi formulas and doesn’t feel too far removed from shows like To Love-Ru or Ladies vs. Butlers, which scarcely conceal their intentions as fap material.

The art is basically good for hentai standards, bad for anime standards, but the character designs are a plus and like R-15 the manga series this OVA is based upon harnesses the power of imagination.  The characters are a complete cast of “been there, done that” cliches, though I liked their take on the yandere character.  A super-exaggerated loli-yandere who also happens to be a total dominatrix?  Genius.