Sekirei seasons 1-2 fanservice compilation

Martial arts!  Boobs!  Again!


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DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2




Production Company:  Seven Arcs

Vintage:  Summer 2008, Summer 2010

Notable Seiyuu:  Shizuka Itou, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa (Tu-Tu-Ru!), Aya Endo, Romi Park, Jun Fukuyama




I remember logging into Random Curiosity a couple years ago and seeing their front page post on episode 0 of Sekirei: Pure Engagement.  The gist of it:  B-b-b-b-b-boobs.  At random curiosity they not only review anime episodes as they air but provide a large gallery of screen shots for every episode.  I remember seeing that post and thinking to myself “Holy shit.  What has anime come to these days?”

More recently I saw that Funimation not only licensed Sekirei but aggressively marketed it with a Girls Gone Wild type ad campaign online.  That made me wonder what anime licensing had come to these days (Don’t get me wrong Funimation, I love you, doubly so for cashing in on the ecchi phenomenon).

Before then, I honestly had no idea that ecchi (as we know it today) even existed.  I just assumed that Ikkitousen was non-nude, or that Queen’s Blade was just an ultra high budget hentai (not off by much).  Sekirei was a bit of an eye opener for me.  It may have been super-ecchi, but it didn’t lack for (relative) mainstream success in the anime fanbase.  In terms of popularity a couple years ago, it was similar to what High School DXD is today.

One of the surprises doing this video was how short it ended up.  Turns out there was a lot less nudity and even a lot less fanservice in general than I remembered.  It doesn’t even come remotely close to other shows like Seikon no Qwaser, Queen’s blade, or Manyuu Hikenchou.  It may not be very long, but when it did give us fanservice, it made it count.