R-15 fanservice compilation

Behold the power of imagination.


I strongly recommend getting the revised 3rd version of this video.


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R-15 had so much good non-nude fanservice, the original version turned into a mostly non-nude video.  That just doesn’t sit right with me, as great as that fanservice may be, so I also edited an “abridged” version which cuts out 15 minutes of non-nude fanservice from the original and is closer to 50/50 overall.  Basically, the 1st video is the most comprehensive.  The 2nd video makes for a better time.

Anyway, if you didn’t watch this series, it may not be a classic per se, but it definitely belongs in the fanservice hall of fame.  Whereas most fanservice shows rely on bathing scenes, changing scenes, accidental walk-ins, slapstick, and all sorts of “excuses” to show skin, R-15 removes the structure and does something rather ingenious- it uses the power of imagination to set up their ecchi scenes.  The main character (who, if played in real life would undoubtedly be cast as Michael Cera) is a struggling ero manga artist seeking inspiration from a cast of lady friends.  This leads to a lot of highly imaginative, eloquently expressed ecchi scenes which push the envelope much further than most ecchi series do.

I don’t do subtitles on these projects.  I don’t know how to do soft-subs and hard-subs are the devil.  I could probably figure out how to do soft-subs, but it would add a lot of effort, and honestly, who cares?  In the time it would take me to track down the translations and time all the subs, I could just make my next video.  But just this once, I wish I had done subtitles, because the dialogue during these ecchi scenes is fantastic.  If you, like me, can watch an ecchi series just for the ecchi scenes, then I’d definitely recommend giving the R-15 series a download and watching it.

My favorite moment was listening to the crowd during the wrestling match.  Two girls ruthlessly tear each other’s clothes off, and the crowd responds with a polite, approving applause, as if they are watching a grand orchestra in Central Park.

Definitely a fun series, it’s a shame that it will probably never see a second season.  Another winner from AIC.