Mato Seihei no Slave Episode 01 Fanservice Review



Action, ecchi, and story. This is Mato Seihei no Slave – in English this is officially known as Chained Soldier but I refuse to use that name so this site will use its official Japanese name. This was my favorite of the three series airing this season that had nudity potential so this is the one that will be covered. Some may come to bemoan the amount of action here but for people like me that just makes the ecchi moments even better. I recommend turning back now if this does not sound appealing to you.


This brief intro is probably depicting Kyouka’s (main girl/white hair) tragic past. Not sure why they decided to show this right at the beginning but here we are.


I won’t go over the OP or ED here, but I feel like I have to mention that the OP shows this shot of Kyouka, which would make for a very easy panty shot. Maybe this will be changed but it’s a strange decision regardless.


Another small change here: The red cape girl (who is probably Ren and would not be seen for quite a while if we even see her at all) was added, and in this same manga shot, isn’t seen at all.


The first shot of our protagonist, Yuuki.


Men are essentially second class citizens in this setting. There exist peaches that grant powers to those that eat them, but men cannot receive powers from these peaches, only women. Thus, it is only women that can battle the monsters known as Shuuki that exist in a different dimension Mato. Because of this women are much more valuable, and men are relegated to menial jobs and treatment that is at best indifferent.


As Yuuki is walking home, wondering how it is he can make an impact in the world despite his lack of ability, he is transported to Mato. The gates leading to Mato are normally in fixed locations, but sometimes they can appear in random areas. In this universe such an event is referred to as a Mato disaster. Yuuki is quickly spotted by the monsters that inhabit Mato, Shuuki, and is forced to run.


The second sighting of our main heroine Kyouka, Yuuki’s savior. Kyouka is part of the Anti-Demon Corps, an organization of women that have eaten peaches and combat the Shuuki, and in this case, rescue those that have been caught in Mato disasters.


The above webm led me to believe that this show would be stingy on panty shots, but later we get a few. More than a few, actually, as you’ll come to see. I’m not sure what this means for the rest of the run, but having looked through the first chapter again to compare, it seems that this one panel is all we got amidst all the flipping, twirling, and jumping.


This is what I mean. Barely a minute before, nothing. Now all of a sudden we get several good looks. I’d be disappointed if it weren’t for the fact that this is more than what the manga gave.


We appear to meet the rest of Kyouka’s unit here, the 7th Unit. In the manga, they don’t participate in this fight at all, and the action is increased in both volume and intensity. My guess is that they wanted to make a good first impression for this first episode. Storywise, they just ride alongside Kyouka and report that they haven’t detected other survivors yet. We also get an early preview of Nei’s (pink hair) powers.


No luck on Shushu (blonde) here. She doesn’t really wear the “easy panty shots” kind of skirt though. To compensate, she is likely one of if not the most lewd of all girls in this series.


After her first Shuuki slave turns out to be too weak and dies, Kyouka erects a barrier as we get a preview of her ambition. Out of options, Kyouka offers for Yuuki to become her slave. Despite thinking that he’d be weak, Yuuki turns out to be quite powerful, far more than what Kyouka expected.

After rescuing the girl, Kyouka and Yuuki turn to a group of Shuuki that appear to merge together into one, powerful Shuuki. The duo makes short work of it however, and Kyouka is impressed with Yuuki, enough to make a proposition.


Kyouka wants to make Yuuki her permanent slave, after seeing how powerful he was. We also get a reveal on the “drawback” to Kyouka’s power: she must reward her slave each time they are enslaved, befitting how much is asked of them. The more intensely they are used, the more intense the reward. You can see where this is going when it comes to the ecchi side of the series.


I tried to color corect this to make her panties “pop” a bit more but the color of her panties is too similar to the shaded part of her ass, making it too difficult (or at least beyond my skill) to do. My attempts didn’t look so good so I didn’t include them.


They didn’t skimp out on the boob squish here. Kyouka appears to be more well endowed in the anime too, so look forward to seeing them in future episodes.


That’s about it for the lewdness in this episode. It only goes up from here, however.

I wanted to make a stitch out of this, but the shifting, stretching background made that impossible. The amount of panning shots that had this effect leads me to believe stitches will be sparse for this series. As for the story, Yuuki accepts Kyouka’s offer, having been gifted his desire for purpose in this world on a silver platter. The rewards are also a nice benefit as well.


Kyouka introduces Yuuki to the 7th Unit. Already we can see their personalities emerge – Himari is clearly displeased with the situation, and Shushu is obviously interested. Men are not allowed to join the Anti-Demon Corps, so his official role will be that of a caretaker, something Yuuki mentioned is the only thing he’s any good at.


The girls immediately begin to treat him befitting his status, little more than a servant. It won’t be long before this changes, however.

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This is the end of the first episode. Again, it was heavy on story and action, and to tell the truth it can be that way for several chapters in a row at times. I am confident however, that the anime will play up the ecchi moments when they do come, as they can be quite intense. There are also many girls yet for Yuuki to win over, as well as several typical ecchi hijinks to get involved in. But that’s only if you’re willing to stay tuned.