Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari Episode 01 Fanservice Review


Don’t ever count a season out – there’s always a surprise waiting on the horizon. While this show leaning on the fanservice angle to help sell itself is not a surprise, I don’t think many anticipated the nipples during its broadcast, at least up until it got its atx rating. This is of course more than welcome, as these days it is rare to get two in a season. I did enjoy the series from my reading, with its decent amount of ecchi hijinks and story to push more women towards the MC. The big issue was how late the nipple sightings start, Volume 10 is quite late to start drawing them, but better late than never I suppose. Another is the occasional references to sex. As you will come to see of the story, he’s a King with a growing harem of really good looking women, and just about all of them ready and willing if you know what I mean. The first sex scene isn’t until Chapter 56, well beyond what a season 1 would get to. This is disappointing, as I suspect the production would make that scene a lot better than what we got in the manga, given how they gave us nudity so early on. Regardless, let’s get started with Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari.


Our MC Satou happens upon a strange scene. A young girl and an old man emerging from a beam of light. The girl, Hime, asks Satou to forget what he’s seen, in exchange she’ll be his friend, and of course, our main heroine.


Most of the first half of this episode is uneventful. There are however, an inordinate number of shots of Hime showing off her cleavage, flashes of her bra included. I grabbed almost all of them, to show how much more we see of it in the anime than in the manga.


Satou isn’t just stealing a look at her tits. He’s looking at the rings, which Hime must give to the man she marries.


Strangely, it didn’t seem like there was an anime equivalent to this shot. There was something that looked a bit like it, but I didn’t include it.


Satou has resigned himself to being just a friend of Hime’s, despite how close they are. There does seem to be some glimmer of hope from Satou that something more could emerge between the two, but Satou has his doubts. He gets a text from Hime, an invitation to a summer festival. 


After the festival, Satou musters up the courage to tell Hime how he feels, but before he can finish, Hime tells Satou that she’ll be moving tomorrow, to some place far away.


Satou thinks of what Hime said, and realizes how little he actually knows about Hime: where she comes from, why her parents aren’t around, or about the rings she was always carrying around. Seeing a flash of light coming from a distance, Satou investigates and sees Hime, who says this is truly goodbye and steps into the light. Not willing to allow a nice pair of double D’s to remain as only a memory, Satou steps in as well.


No sooner than Satou arrives in another world, stumbling in on what appears to be a wedding ceremony between Hime and a prince, a “creature from the abyss” crashes through the window (in the manga it’s the ceiling) and interrupts the gathering. 


After “grandpa” is tossed aside by the creature, he tells Hime to give the ring to the prince, but Hime instead moves toward Satou, giving him the ring instead.


The prince tosses Satou a sword, and somehow Satou powers up both the sword and himself and kills the creature, but collapses shortly after. 


Satou wakes up in the Royal Wedding Chambers, and Hime fills in both Satou and the viewers. Hime didn’t want to marry the prince, and when she saw Satou, acted on instinct and rushed to him instead, meaning the two are now officially married. The consequence is that Satou now bears the power that must save the world, and all the responsibility that comes along with it.


The populace cheers on their newly crowned King, and Satou is understandably overwhelmed by the situation, talking more and extolling himself more than he should have. There’s also a short conversation between Satou and Hime that’s skipped after this. I think they just wanted to get the bath scene in before the end.


Zoom in, squint, do what you have to. 

And the spice begins. You’ll see in the manga panels I throw up, that there was a good amount of nudity added. However, when I compared anime to manga (and you’ll see this as well), I realized that there aren’t very many 1:1 shots for this scene – in fact I struggled to find a decent spot to put most of the manga panels, as there are not many shots the anime took from the manga. I find this very curious as it’s common to do exactly that, if for no other reason to make it easier for the animators. Here though, the anime gives us different perspectives and unique shots. This could be because many of the manga panels has Hime covering herself with her arms/hands/towel, necessitating these different shots in order to actually show her tits. However there were several other manga panels that didn’t make it through, so who knows? I’m not sure what to make of this – it could be good news in that they’re willing to deviate to give us more service, or bad news in that many of these new shots are a bit more boring in comparison, at least in my opinion. Anyway, enjoy the nudity.


The fog shots I didn’t edit were due to there being no nipples. Most anime use water to “cover up” women which is obviously an excuse to shirk on actual nudity, but there are some shots here that give nipples even when they’re hard to see. A welcome gesture.


The only shot of Hime in this scene I didn’t get comes before this. I didn’t include it because there is far more man-ass than Hime. It’s not a particularly good shot of her either, so you didn’t miss anything imo. As for the story, Hime and Satou talk things out, with Hime apologizing that she acted so rashly and dragging Satou into this. Satou rebuts and says he’s happy he was chosen, but fumbles in progressing the relationship when Hime drops some obvious hints.



Their time together is ended when several monsters attack. Satou is called upon as the bearer of the Ring of Light to kill the monsters, despite Hime’s protests and his inability to fight. Satou himself decides to enter the fray and quell his people’s fear, brandishing a halberd imbued with his power, and dedicating himself to Hime’s cause – defense of her homeland.


This is the end of the first episode, and there’s a lot yet to be seen. Not just of the story, but with how the production of this series will continue. How much more nudity will be added? How much are they going to change? Only time will tell. There’s good signs here from the first episode and more to look forward to as new girls join the harem.