Mato Seihei no Slave Episode 02 Fanservice Review

Give and Take (To be given back later)

We have an odd one today, and a preview of how extensive the rearranging of these chapters/episodes is going to be, and a preview of how service might be altered or potentially removed. The first thing I should mention is that a good portion of Chapter 2 was completely removed, (which I assume will be added later) and replaced with Chapter’s 3 and 4. They even went as far as to take out a small scene in Chapter 2 of Kyouka visiting Yuuki’s school, which was at the very beginning and only two pages. That to me is strong evidence that they wanted for this to be a Shushu focused episode, but also that they wanted to make an episode per girl, so all Kyouka focused material will be pushed to next episode or some other further down the airing.

Yuuki is adapting to his new job as Unit 7’s caretaker well. He hadn’t known until now that Shuuki can spawn close to the dorm, which gives him a scare. Nei helps explain things as well – Mato is another dimension roughly the size of Tokyo. The Anti-Demon Corps splits Mato into 8 areas. (Yes, there are 9 on the map, but the 10th unit/Central area is special. Also note there is no number 4 on the map) Unit 7’s dorm is located in the Southwest, and happens to be close to a gate, causing the Shuuki activity.


In the manga, this Shuuki is simply killed by the barrier. Himari fills it with bullets here. I assume they just wanted to give Himari some cool moments – I will leave it at that for now. My overactive imagination would have me hoping they could boost other moments as well, particularly some nudity/service.

If it weren’t obvious, Himari does not approve of Yuuki, a male, sharing the same dorm with women. Not helping the fact is how expendable men are viewed in this universe.


Yuuki cooks for the dorm as well, and all members satisfied with his skill. Yuuki wants to do more though, and asks Kyouka about Shuuki extermination. Shuuki activity is highly sporadic however, and Kyouka simply replies that she’s fine with his job at the moment in between Shuuki excursions. Before Yuuki is able to respond, Himari scares him by turning her arm into a blade, angered by what she perceives as Yuuki complaining about Kyouka’s will. Kyouka backs Yuuki, saying that although some there may not like a man sharing a dorm with the women, they will accept the arrangements as he is so useful to them. She does, however, assure their peace of mind by claiming that if he misbehaves she’ll “twist it off.”


And the first nudity of the series goes to Himari. A bit underwhelming unfortunately. We’d have got a nice scene if it had been fully adapted.


A significant change which was also noted in the previews shown at Anime NYC. Nei is taken from this scene, and if they don’t give either give us this scene at some other point, or some other good shot/scene later they should rightfully be taken to task, but coming up shortly is something that had me puzzled. Also, in the manga Yuuki is not high up in a tower, but on the ground floor, and happens to catch a glimpse of the two after he hears some commotion coming from the bath.


Shushu’s ability also allows her to shrink.

As I mentioned before, Nei was taken from that above scene with Himari, but take a look above – there’s Nei. Maybe you think that the show giving that early shot of Himari sans Nei, only to give a zoomed out shot with the two together was their way of weaseling out of loli nudity. But could you not also say that it’s a way to separate any potential non-Shushu service from the episode and give it back later? If you respond by asking why they’d give us Himari if that were the case, I’d say that still needed to happen for the plot of the episode to happen, which is Shushu bribing Yuuki with the picture she took of him accidentally coming across a dorm girl nude. If you ask why Nei wouldn’t be included, I’d say that I’m hopeful they’ll add it in later, but maybe I’m wrong and this really was a way for them to shirk on Nei nudity.


Shushu has Yuuki run into the ground thanks to their new arrangement, which is Yuuki’s new status as Shushu’s personal slave. When asking if she’s really okay with Yuuki handling her shimapan, Shushu takes the opportunity to take yet another picture of Yuuki in a compromising position. This doesn’t seem to be treated quite as seriously, however.


I don’t think the anime panty shot is a 1:1 from the manga, but in this case we have arguably an improvement. More detailed panties, and seeing more of them and her thighs has me considering it better.


Yuuki stumbles upon Himari and Kyouka training, and upon seeing the intensity of Kyouka’s fighting ability, including her effortlessly dispatching a Shuuki that appears near them, Yuuki panics after remembering Kyouka’s promise of punishment.


Nei informs Yuuki that she, Kyouka, and Himari are departing for a meeting, and that the dorm is now in both their hands. Yuuki is dismayed considering their current arrangement.


During this massage and cleavage inspection, Yuuki mentions a bit more about his sister.


There was some potential for a stitch here, but some late movement killed that possibility.


Shushu has Yuuki play Super Street Figher II Turbo with her, and has Yuuki take off a piece of clothing each time he loses. She’s actually quite good at the game which has Yuuki nearly nude in no time. After one final loss Shushu insists he take off his underwear, and when Yuuki refuses, grows in size and forces them off. Their fun is soon ended after hearing some Shuuki activity.


There isn’t too much to say for this scene. Shushu grows and fights, and there’s a bit of bounce.


Some brief squish here if you pay attention in the webm.

Shushu grows too much, which tires her out, and appears to be in trouble until Yuuki comes up with an idea that has him transform using some of Kyouka’s clothes, particularly her boots, which he licks to partially transform.


Yuuki reverts back to his human form pitching a tent. Remember that he’s also fully nude at this point, in full sight of Shushu. While earlier in the episode she laughed at its size and called it “cute,” now she’s impressed. 


Kyouka’s reward system comes into play even when Yuuki forces a transformation by himself. This time, the “reward” is getting his back dug into via Kyouka’s elbows.


Shushu asserts herself as Yuuki’s master once more, but this time it’s obvious she actually likes him.




Aoba makes her appearance, which was taken from the very end of Chapter 5. Also, I don’t think this ending fight scene is in the manga, so it looks like we got an anime bonus. Prior to this, the end of the Shushu shenanigans would have made this the end of Chapter 4, so I’m guessing they just want to show off Aoba early, as I seriously doubt they’ll push her fight with Unit 7 into next episode. For most series I review, I usually put the current standing chapter at the end of the review, but here I don’t quite know what to say. We got a large part of Chapter 2 swapped out, covered all of 3 and 4, with a piece of 5 slapped onto the end of this episode. I assume that next episode will cover the rest of Chapter 2 that was removed, all of 5, and maybe part of 6. This should give us our first Kyouka nudity, unless they follow the manga to a T, because in the manga her first nudity is surprisingly far away.