Monster Musume no Oishasan TV Episode 1 Fanservice Review

more than a derivative Monster Musume

….if you judge by measures outside of fanservice. As an ecchi this is 100% derivative and adds nothing to the genre that hasn’t been done better elsewhere.

but, derivatives can be fun for those that genuinely enjoy the subject matter and can’t get enough of it. So for those hardcore monster girl lovers perhaps you can/are finding immense joy in this show.

It starts fairly strong with doctor boy fondling a cow-girl with tits. Fascinating.

this stitch was impossible to make without text since there were no frames without them until the headshot. Unfortunate, but nbd since she’s a staple character with plenty of other shots.

Lamia-chan and doctor boy were raised by an octo-milf who taught them how to doctor.  Sounds about right. Octo-milf is prime confused boner material. Hopefully she finds her way into the show at some point, preferably in a bikini since wearing nothing isn’t an option.

within the first five minutes appears a busty blonde centaur and scale faced lamia with jealous tendencies. not hiding the inspiration from Musume. Various monster girls visit the doctor for check ups. Some less subtle than others about their true intentions.

Doctor boy is a hit with the ladies. but he doesn’t allow thots to break his concentration in performing the duties of a medical practitioner. That or he’s gay.

indeed a gorgeous waist

Centaur girl is having some health issues that are affecting her performance in coliseum battles. It is up to doctor boy to figure out what those issues may be. Can he do it? He’s the MC so yea. Apparently a hoof injury.

very brief appearance by an adorable cyclops girl. then a longer appearance of busty blonde centaur girl being stuffed with a lamia tail. quite erotic.

Doctor boy manages to cure centaur girls ailment and she regains her form as a top colosseum warrior. Nice.

In the clickbaity preview description I mentioned that Monster Doctor is more than just a derivative of Monster Musume if looking outside of fanservice. Some of those reasons are that the MC is an intelligent, even-keeled professional rather than a dumb emotionally unstable kid whose best quality is being nice. The episodes have a clearly defined goal that is resolved at the end (usually related to a monster girl in poor health). Doesn’t spiral out of control as most ecchi anime do because the imperative is wacky comedy delivered through fanservice.

This amounts to nothing for the general FS audience as the explicit purpose of this site is titillating fanservice. Monster Doctor has enough of that to warrant reviews, but probably nothing so sensual to excite the general community. Feel free to stick around if cute eldritch abominations doing mildly sexually suggestive things are your kink.

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