Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 5


Dating an orc.


This episode ended up having the least amount of service so far. It technically doesn’t even have any fully exposed nudity in it this week but does give some transparent clothing and nipples being visible through them at least. However this only happens near the end of the episode instead of throughout it like you would had expected based on something from last week. This is a really strange thing I’ll address when we get to it in the episode but it looks like the show might be starting to not be fully uncensored now and is using buy the BD tactics. Story wise we cover chapters 8 and 9 this time with the previous ones of 6 and 7 being skipped entirely as well.



Luvellia’s father is raging as he thinks about her and Peter being together as he suddenly gets a letter from the orcs which he realizes he can use to his advantage. The next day Peter is called in and told that the orcs have requested his children because their leader was impressed with seeing him at the tournament and have requested a marriage proposal between Peter and one of their orcs and wants him to meet with them. Luvellia interrupts saying she won’t give up Peter as her father says that sending him will just be a formality so he can politely turn the orcs down since the orcs are major allies to their guild so they can’t refuse outright. Peter realizes the whole thing is a trap though and that her father wants him to do something so he can use that to get him away from Luvellia.


Peter and Luvellia’s father meet with the leader of the orcs as he calls in the woman they prepared for him to meet. He begins to worry what she will look like based on the fact that orcs have a different standard for what looks good versus humans.

Going to stop here because this is where the really odd thing about the episode takes place. Did you notice something? I assumed at first this was just an issue with the censored version and would be corrected in the atx one since this same thing has applied to previous episodes that had this particular thing present as well with the censored version removing it while atx restores it. Think back to not only Piglette’s character artwork which have transparent nipples appearing in her clothes but also think to this episode’s pv from last week.

For some reason despite nipples being visible through her clothes last week in the next ep pv they are nowhere to be seen in the actual episode even in atx. I even went and checked the chinese version in case something like what happened with IR was going on and no it’s the same thing there as well. What’s even more bizarre is that even the censored version of last week’s episode had no issue showing them in the next ep pv but here in the atx version of the actual episode there is nothing. Previous episodes have had nipple impressions through clothes that were not visible in the censored version but were in the atx version so I assumed this would happen here as well but it didn’t. So what is going on here? Since this was in the episode pv and even in the character art it’s clear this was supposed to be present on her regularly.

Did they possible change their mind mid way through the show and go back and remove it having realized they would need to draw this for every episode if it’s part of her design and didn’t want to take the effort because of needing to censor it for the other versions? Or is this simply a buy the BD thing? Regardless we have something not present here that should be and the BD theory is the one that makes the most sense so it’s possible we will be seeing stuff like this scattered throughout from here on with the show.

He thinks to himself this could work to his advantage since orcs being ugly would mean he would never give into temptation as Piglette is brought in and he sees that she isn’t what he thought she would look like. The guild master and orc leader then leave telling the two of them to spend the day together to see how they get along. After they head out into the city he begins to worry if she will be like the others after his semen until Piglette starts getting nervous and puking as she says she has never talked to a man that much before as they go to sit down somewhere. Meanwhile the guild master is watching the whole thing and meets with some thugs he hired to carry out a request for him.

Surly this won’t result in her secretly being crazy.


Piglette tells Peter she is just a servant at the mansion and so the marriage thing was sudden and found herself being forced into it. She says she saw him at the tournament and was impressed with his abilities during it and as a result found herself unworthy for such a task since she is so ugly and considered an outcast based on orc society. Before Peter can say anything she runs off crying about how undeserving she is to have him.

As she is running away she crashes into the thugs that the guild master hired. They attempt to attack her as Peter shows up and beats them saving Piglette and they leave. He tells her that she isn’t ugly like she thinks and that by human standards she is cute and tp not be so hard on herself. This makes her happy as she asks for him to show her around the city.

After the tour around the city she tells him how much fun she had as they head back to the mansion to report on the day. This entire part of the episode was changed around a bit compared to the manga. The events still happened the same for the most part but the order of them were rearranged. In the manga after Peter and Piglette first meet they talk outside the mansion first which is where she talks about how ugly she is because of how the orcs treat her. Peter would then cheer her up and tell her she wasn’t which leads to her asking to see a human city for the first time as she never got the chance to go.

After touring the city Piglette gets embarrassed at how happy she is and runs off to do her makeup when she runs into the hired thugs. And even though it is kind of easy to figure out on your own the anime doesn’t make it as clear as the manga but the guild master’s purpose for hiring those thugs was all to create a situation where Peter would save Piglette making it that she would like him more. In other words Luvellia’s father acted like a perfect wing man to help someone impress a girl. After saving her is when they head back to the mansion like in the anime. So it is still essentially the same thing they just changed the order and locations of certain events as well as removing some conversations such as how Piglette was chosen as the offering to him because she was the only one that fit with human standards.


At dinner the orc leader asks how things went and if they are fine with getting married. Peter turns it down saying he knows the whole situation is just being used for political purposes to improve the relationship between their guild and the orcs. As a result he doesn’t want to go through with something like that nor would Piglette because feelings are more important than political gain. The orc leader not wanting to give up then suggests they spend the night together to see how things go and then make a choice. Peter doesn’t want to but Luvellia’s father makes him stay telling him that he needs to do this as it will be the perfect chance to convince the orc leader things won’t work out when nothing happens between them. Peter knows the whole thing is all part of his plan to make him give in but has no choice. As he is left alone in the room with Piglette he turns to see her starting to take her clothes off as the episode ends.



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The least service episode so far but that is probably because they not only covered two chapters this time but it was two chapters that had more plot stuff than anything else. The main worrying thing was the nipple removals from clothes that could be seen last week. We might have to expect BD censorship occurring sometimes from here on out now. Of course it’s also possible it will just be some really minor stuff thrown in censored once per BD set of episodes to make them seem different to justify buying them so who knows. So far this was just a small thing and hopefully it remains that way and we don’t begin seeing heavier censorship in the future. As for next week the service level should be better as there will be opportunities for Piglette nudity with the next episode. They really seem to be speeding along as the next episode should be the end of volume 2 of the manga based on the next episode pv.

One thing I’m wondering is how they plan on handling the next arc after this due to the chapters they skipped here. The chapters that were skipped not only featured the girls learning about each other all trying to get Peter’s semen but we also got some foreshadowing about the backstory with the ogre sisters due to someone they meet during one of these chapters. At the end of the next chapter which is what the next episode is based on this character meets with another second character and their conversation leads into the next story arc. This second new character the ogre guy appears in the OP so he and his arc will be present in the show. The next chapter doesn’t really seem like the type of chapter to have fill an entire episode based on the pacing we have seen so far unless they add some original content or try to mix content from another chapter in so hard to say what they will do. I can take a guess on what they could do but it’s just a guess. Next episode should be chapter 10 but I could see them shoving parts of the start of 11 in as well which involves the others learning about Piglette. They could just rewrite this whole thing to establish all the girls learning about each other at the same time to accommodate skipping the scene with the others meeting in the previous chapters.

As for the character they meet in the skipped chapter he served as foreshadowing and spoiling something about Lisa to the readers which was further done with his conversation with the ogre guy that occurs next chapter. So I can see them just removing his conversation with the ogre guy altogether or maybe rewriting it to still include his introduction but remove mention of the skipped chapter. Regardless of what they do removing the viewer’s introduction to said ogre guy and making the spoiler reveal happen the same time Peter learns about it instead won’t be too odd of a change if they go that route. Of course they could always do something strange and rewrite those chapters to occur next with a different scenario but I’m just assuming they are fully skipped at this point. Next week should be ending the orc arc and the 2nd volume of the manga and then will probably lead into the ogre one next. With 6 episodes still left to go after that it is looking more likely we will get to the goblin arc despite that girl not having been shown as part of the main cast prior. So unless they do something really odd we should have plenty of time to reach it.

Get ready for me to rage during ogre arc. The glasses girl gets fucked and so we will probably get nudity of her but the catch is….*shoots self*. Would be nice if we reached the other glasses girl that Peter fucks but I can’t see the show actually managing to reach that far as it will probably end after the goblin arc.