Monster Musume no Oishasan TV Episode 2 Fanservice Review

Best girl joins the fray

I nearly made a “best gill” joke but decided against it because it was corny. Not that mentioning it in the post absolves the shame from even thinking of that pun to begin with.

Anyway, Idk if mermaid-chan is actually best girl or not.  Octo-milf or spider-girl ever appear in a bathing suit they will immediately claim that title. But mermaid-chan is the frontrunner for cutest girl and this episode is a case in that favor.

First, the opening visuals that were skipped in episode 1. Get a chance to see the harem.

Opening Sequence

Mermaid-chan is a child in mermaid years, whatever that could be. She is probably intended to be the loli equivalent, but its unclear of if there are any laws that prohibut sex with an underaged monster.


There’s no fanservice in this particular webm. I included it to highlight how beautiful her voice is. For those who have seen Aria and are reading this review (a combination as small as this anime having nudity on BD release), aren’t you reminded of Athena Glory?

Mermaid-chan, name revealed as Lulala, is having some respiratory issues. So Dr. Nick Glenn takes a consensual look into her mouth.

There is now a pattern of sexual innuendo happening during examination scenes. Here Lulala having her gills fingered in a not at all vague allusion to foreplay.

Her diagnosis, according to Doctor Glenn,  is that she’s suffering from a lack a water – mermaids must have balance between the amount of time they’re on land to in water, according to the rules of this universe. Lulala has been on land 75% of the day because….her father left the family behind and she has to work to support her mother and siblings. Feels bad man.

Lulala goes to save some kid from drowning which results in her nearly drowning so Dr. Glenn has to save her from drowning. A mermaid nearly drowning seems ridiculous but here we are.

plausible excuse to make out with an underaged girl. will hold up in court.

this strat does seem to help Lulala breathe much better.

thanks to the doc’s efforts, Lulala is able to sing to her fullest once again. a wholesome end to the episode. Safe to assume that future episodes will feature one new girl who needs to be operated on. Sounds fun.

I have not read the source material nor do I ever plan to, so not sure how faithful this adaptation is or what liberties it is taking.  If you are someone familiar with the manga feel free to offer some observations of what the differences are.

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