Monster Musume no Oishasan TV Episode 3 Fanservice Review

Ninja Fraken-Girl joins the fray

Same pattern as the last two episodes – doctor meets a new monster girl who is having some medical issue and helps her solve it through erotic means. This time a frankenstein ninja named *checks notes* Kunai. Very on brand.

As far as I know, blob girl isn’t a regular part of the cast. So there’s at least one way Monster Doctor doesn’t copy its predecessor.

Lady Draconness doesn’t ditch the disguise this episode. but you have to figure she’s hot and will be given a chance to show such eventually.

best girl Lulala makes another appearance. Now a regular part of the cast.

Probably the #1 character I’m looking forward to seeing in the inevitable swimsuit episode. Later, Kunai is operated on and so comes the most fanservicey section of the episode.

I don’t think she knows how pregnancies work.

There have been very few webms produced for these episodes, and the average screenshots taken have around 50. Reviews should thus be brief and to the point save for my walls of text.

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