Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 6


Don’t put your dick in crazy.


This episode goes back to only covering one chapter in an episode with this one being chapter 10. It also gives us a decent amount of service including nudity and transparent clothing to make up for last week barely having much.



Continuing from the previous episode, Piglette starts undressing and forcing herself onto Peter. While this is going on the guildmaster and his assistant outside mention how the plan was to put aphrodisiac in Piglette’s drink at dinner so that she would push herself onto him in hopes he does something. Once that happens the marriage with Luvellia will be over and the guildmaster can use that as an excuse to kill Peter.

As Piglette tries to do more with Peter, he fights off the temptation and tells her he has a fiance already and they can’t do anything because of that. Piglette tells him that doesn’t matter because in the orc society having multiple wives is fine as she tries to continue.

Piglette begins to cry blaming herself saying it must be because of her being ugly like the orcs have said. Peter tells her she isn’t ugly as she kisses him in response. He tries to mediate after this to fight the urge to do anything only for her to remove her top as he gives in after seeing her breasts.


The next morning he wakes up worried about what he did and how he has no way of getting out of it this time. He knows that if Piglette reports what happened last night he will be killed by the guildmaster. When Piglette wakes up she says she can’t wait to tell the orc leader and guildmaster later what happened so they can be married as Peter panics since she was against the marriage previously. Peter tells her she can’t and makes up a reason that since this whole thing is just for political gain that accepting it will make her a puppet and she should instead do what she wants instead of what others expect her to do. She decides to think about what he said as he hopes that will be enough to convince her.

At breakfest the next morning they ask for her report as she tells them that Peter was strong enough to resist and didn’t touch her last night. They freak at how he was able to avoid doing so and that their plan was ruined. Piglette then asks for permission to join the guild and stay with Peter since even though he didn’t touch her she believes she can eventually convince him otherwise and she wants the chance to try this so she can support orcland like they want. Peter panics more at this while the guildmaster and orc leader agree with it since it means their plan might still have a chance.

When outside Peter asks her what she is doing as she tells him she is doing what he said and making a choice on what she wants to do. She says she won’t let orcland get his sperm like they want and instead she will get it for herself. She tells him she plans on giving birth to his strong children and will raise and train them so that one day she can use them to kill all the orcs and get revenge on them for treating her badly all this time. Peter realizes how crazy she really is and how he is now going to have to deal with her along with the others as she says how she will always be with him as the episode ends.



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More service compared to last week and they only used one chapter to cover here instead of multiple so it wasn’t as rushed. Like expected they cut out the scene at the end of this chapter that leads into the next arc though. However it looks like based on the next episode pv they are not going to jump into that arc right away now. The next episode pv shows Piglette in an apron which is from chapter 11 so that looks to be next but with some changes. I mentioned last week that one of the skipped chapters is when the ogre sisters and Vegan learn of each other and since chapter 11 is when they learn of Piglette it would make sense for them to rewrite this to be when they all learn about each other at the same time to make up for that skip. Or at least that is what it seems is probably going to be the case based on that pv. However there was another interesting thing shown in the pv as well and that was the arousal imp spell thing.

In one of the other skipped chapters the ogre sisters and Vegan compete to see who can arousal Peter the most and Vegan uses a spell that makes an imp with a counter appear so they can judge. The next episode pv shows this imp so that probably is indication what they might be doing with the next episode. It will be chapter 11 adapted but will probably be modified to include content from the previously skipped chapter thus creating a semi original episode. I’m going to assume it will be a competition between all the girls now instead of just the ogres and Vegan since Piglette has joined by this point. So next week we will probably get a significant amount of service of all the girls if that is any indication. Right now this episode finishes volume 2 and we are only halfway done. So depending how they pace this from now on will determine if we get to volume 4 and the goblin arc or not. All depends on if they go back to covering multiple chapters per episode or keep the second half restricted to one chapter per episode like they did here.

It annoys me that all the sex scenes are off screen. It was like that in the manga as well but since the manga also didn’t show nudity while the anime does it would had been nice if they changed that aspect as well. Would had made it that people would be praising this instead of IR. I still need to work up the motivation to do that BD post on it.