A Nipple Enthusiast’s Guide to Nagasarete Airantou

After going over fifteen years teasing readers, harem fanservice manga Nagasarete Airantou broke the nipple barrier in volume 28.  Five volumes have been released since then, lets cover the past and explore what may be in the future.


But before I begin, I wanted to explain why I care enough about this manga to do a post like this.

Ecchi is my favorite genre of manga/anime, and what makes ecchi fun is that it works kind of like a bow and arrow.  It starts when sexy girls “tease” viewers with tight fitting clothes, cleavage, bikinis, or ‘tasteful’ naked shots (naughty bits covered).  This is like pulling the bowstring back (event A).  It creates tension and potential energy waiting to be released.  When we get to see everything else (nipples, or in some cases even more) this is like letting the bow string go- unleashing all the perversion that was stored up (event B).  The more investment into ‘event A’, the more effective ‘event B’ becomes, for the most part.

‘Event A’ is a very important part of every great ecchi manga/anime.  Just please- for the love of god- don’t forget to do ‘Event B’!

Some manga, unfortunately, never do more than ‘Event A’, and blue-ball the audience to death (which to be fair, some guys are into.  Personally, I hate it).  Some manga are basically porn and jump right into the naughty parts without any setup.  These manga have their place, but lack impact and hype.

This relationship between setup and payoff is well observed by many of the top ecchi manga.  While the To Love-Ru manga technically had nipples shown from the jump, they were barely shown and many characters were particularly stingy about showing off.  In later volumes, and especially in TLR Darkness, the fapservice levels went up by an order of magnitude, and because of that initial stinginess, those first panels with quality nudes for characters like Mikan, Yami, and Ryouko just took your breath away.


This was the moment everyone knew that To Love-Ru Darkness meant serious business.


Infection is another example.  It was a series which had criminal levels of sexiness in the first two volumes, but purposefully left boobs blank, even on tankobon, casting serious doubt on whether or not the series would just mercilessly blue ball the audience for an eternity.  The first nudes, which appeared in volume three, were more than just a relief.  They felt revelatory.


One of the better nipple debuts ever.


There may well be several reasons why ecchi manga tend to wait before that first nude scene, but I think the most important reason is that a good ecchi mangaka understands the value of drawing that bowstring back and holding it.  When Trinity Seven had that first nipple sighting in volume 14, or Asuna showed a side nipple in the SAO movie, it was kind of a big deal to a lot of people.  And for good reason.



But for all the surprise “event B’s”, I would argue that no such event was more stunning than the first nipples that appeared in Nagasarete Airantou’s 28th volume.  This series (which is still running!) began way back in January of 2002, making it older than Green Green.  And for 15 years, (as well as a full 26 episodes of anime) it blue balled viewers with harem antics and dozens of near-nude girls. But it never let that damn bowstring go.

So when the impossible happened and the series course corrected from fanservice to fapservice 28 volumes in, it was more than just a little bit of a shock.  It is to my knowledge, the latest an ecchi manga has ever thrown this switch.  By far.

The best part is not only the insane amount of perversion this series built up over time, but how the author is playing with us even in the more recent volumes.  He’ll show some girls nude, but still teases with others.  One scene will have nipples out, then the next will still have nipples covered with magically placed foreground objects, chat bubbles, or perfectly placed long hair.  Each volume a couple new girls get their nipples shown for the first time, and you have no idea which ones will be next.  The mangaka knows what he’s doing and is milking the tension for all it’s worth.

To best appreciate this dynamic, I’d recommend catching up on the manga yourself.  You can easily download onto your hard drive all 164 currently available translated chapters here in under a minute.

But for everyone that just wants a lazy man’s guide, I’m here for you.  Lets get to it.  The general gist of the series is that a lucky guy gets stranded on an island with several beautiful women (including his step-sister) who of course all seemingly fall in love with him.  While most of the women are normal humans, some are youkai, some are animal spirits, some are androids, and some are ghosts.


Identified characters with nipples shown, so far (in order of appearance)



Yoshidzu Katana

First nipple sighting: volume 28


This character is mentioned at the very end of the last currently translated chapter (164).  She was a powerful swordswoman who lived and died in Japan’s ancient past.  Her fierceness with the katana led men to fear her, which in turn meant that her love life was non-existent.  She died untouched by a man.  In death, her unfulfilled carnal desires prevented her from passing on.  As a spirit, she would possess young women and make them lust after the next man they saw; the spirit hoping to vicariously achieve the male intimacy she failed to receive in her own life.

Ms. Katana has barely appeared in the manga so far, and is kind of an odd choice for such an early nipple sighting.


Sakuya (aka Android Assistant #398)

First nipple sighting: volume 29


This character goes back to the very early chapters of the series, and was featured in the TV anime.  She is the first notable character to show her nipples in the series.  Sakuya isn’t one of the most important harem prospects, but she’s a solid B-tier level character in a series with a ridiculous number of girls.  (She’s be roughly on the same plane as Risa or Run from To Love-Ru in terms of story importance.)

Later on we are introduced to two of her android counterparts, and they end up showing their nipples as well.



First nipple sighting: volume 29


Michiru is the direct descendant of Obaba, an old wise woman that happens to secretly be a nine-tails fox spirit.  Michiru also seems to possess yokai powers and manifests them occasionally.  Michiru also has studied medicine and is often a source of medical help during emergencies on the island.

Michiru was the first of the ten core harem candidates to show her nipples in the manga.  She also appears the TV anime albeit just barely (she debuts in the final episode).


Koto / Obaba

First nipple sighting: volume 29


Obaba begins the series as a wise old woman, but later there comes a twist!  She’s not really an old lady, but a young looking, nubile nine-tail Fox Spirit.  In her Fox form she is referred to as Koto.

Koto falls into the B-tier character relevance category like Sakuya does, but given how many times she teased viewers with near nudity over many volumes, her first actual nude scenes were certainly gratifying.

Obaba is in the anime from episode one, but if my understanding is correct, she does not reveal her true form as Koto until after the anime had aired.


Android Assistant #237

First nipple sighting: volume 29


Whereas Android Assistant #398 has a given name (Sakuya), the next two android models to appear in the series seem to only go by their model number.  (If someone with good knowledge of untranslated chapters can correct me on this, I’d be happy to add in their given names.)

Similar to Yoshidzu Katana, Android Assistant #237 is a minor character that shows her nipples almost immediately after being introduced.



First nipple sighting: volume 30


Myaa is a B-tier character at best, having only appeared a handful of times in the series.  She’s worth remembering though, as she has some of the highest sex appeal of any character.  She’s believed to be at least 40 years old, but you would never know it by looking at her.  Yokai women seemingly have nothing to fear from aging.

Unlike the other girls, Myaa is spoken for.  She’s married to Shima-Tora, a cat-yokai who also happens to be the master of one of the main harem candidates, Suzu.

Unfortunately, the bonus art you see above is the only nudity for Myaa so far.  Hopefully there is more of her in future volumes.



First nipple sighting: volume 30


MC-kun and top harem candidate Suzu are taking a walk when they discover a strange girl resting on a tree branch.  They coax her down out of worry for her safety.  This girl, Aria, walks around without panties on and seems to have no concept of why that is strange.  She also invades MC-Kun’s personal space without any concept of how erotic she is being.

Later, MC-Kun needs to fish up food, and brings Aria along.  While MC-kun readies his fishing pole, Aria strips nude, freely shown nipples and all, then dives in the water to hunt down those fish.  Again, with no real concept of how she’s affecting MC-kun while doing this.

Later it is discovered that Aria is a kind of dog or wolf yokai.


Android Assistant #875

First nipple sighting: volume 31


Yet another android girl is introduced, and very quickly gets properly naked.  If she has a given name I’m not aware of it.


Mei Mei’s Triplet Sisters

First nipple sighting: volume 32


Mei Mei is one of the ten core harem candidates, but she’s also the youngest of six daughters in her family.  Of five elder sisters are twin sisters and triplet sisters.

The twin sisters have yet to make an appearance to my knowledge, and the triplet sisters have only appeared briefly a few times.  In volume 32, the triplets appear again, and this time their nipples appear too!

It might be that these sisters each have individual names, but I haven’t seen these chapters translated yet, unfortunately.


Up to this point, there’s been plenty of nipple sightings, but only one of the ten core harem candidates has shown them.  Thankfully, that number is about to jump up.



First nipple sighting: volume 32


Rin is probably a top five harem candidate in the series.  She’s been around pretty much from the start, was a main character in the anime, and has graced a lot of covers of this series over the years.  And of course, she’s teased that body a zillion times.

Rin is the tallest harem candidate, standing 170cm (5’7″).  At least one character has remarked that she has the ‘fattest’ hips, thighs, and ass.  She also appears- at least unofficially- to have the largest breasts, and her nipples are the most developed in the series.

She’s so attractive in fact, that she’s constantly battling back amorous overtures from other women!   She eventually tries to force MC-kun to marry her only to prove her heterosexuality.  Even after her marriage attempt fails, she continues to call MC-kun “hubby” through the rest of the series.

Rin comes from a carpenter family and is a bit of a Tom Boy.

Her nipple sighted nude scenes are easily the best in the series, scenes that include wardrobe malfunctions and even some boob play.



First nipple sighting: volume 32


Shinobu is the third of the ten core harem candidates to get a nude scene.  She’s a reformed Shinobi turned Samurai who ‘trains’ under MC-kun after losing to him in a battle.  Shinobu has been around pretty much since the start, was heavily featured in the anime, and was the sexy girl you clicked on when you opened this article.

Though hyped as a very curvaceous girl by the series itself, her breasts and butt are noticeably smaller than Rin’s when they are naked side by side.  While not quite on Rin’s level, she still has one of the better bodies in the series (though her curves tend to pop more when she’s clothed).



First nipple sighting: volume 32


Mikoto is the perverted younger sister of Shinobu, and in particular she seems to have a thing for Rin.  Mikoto is a B-tier character as she only appears in the manga occasionally.

The bonus art above occurs at the end of volume 32 and it is the only nude image of Mikoto so far.


Unidentified characters with nipples shown



“Atsu Kasome”

First nipple sighting: volume 28


What you see above is the earth-shattering first nipple sighting in this series after 27 volumes of jack squat.  The nudity here comes in the form of bonus art, the first actual nude scene comes just a bit later.  Regardless, this is the first nipple sighting of the series.  It’s just kind of funny that they give it to a girl who many fans don’t even recognize.

I’m illiterate in Japanese, but I do know that the character’s name is listed up there in the top right area.  If I’m seeing the characters right, it would spell her name as “Atsu Kasome”, but again, I have no idea who that is and nothing comes up on google.  If anyone knows, feel free to mention it in the comments and I’ll update this post.

Unfortunately, this panel occurs only three chapters after the English translation hit a hiatus a year ago.

My best guess as to her identity- which is probably wrong- is that she’s the ghost version of Yoshidzu Katana.  Both the image you see above and the nude image for Yoshidzu Katana appear together on a two page spread.  Notice also that both girls have katana, both have similar clothing, and both seem to be in a feudal Japanese setting.  Katana’s ghost is shown in chapters 164 and 165 as having light hair like seen here.

The one thing that makes no sense though, is that the lighter haired version is carrying a hammer and screw-driver, something that’s totally inconsistent with the Yoshidzu Katana character.  Maybe in this picture she possess Rin or Rin’s mom (they are carpenters)… I have no idea.  Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.


Four random girls

First nipple sighting: volume 28


We first see these four girls appear in chapter 165, which is unfortunately the first chapter not to be english translated.  They appear to be connected to Ayane in some way.  Maybe.  If anyone knows their names, or can at least provide information beyond them being four random girls, I’ll update with that info.

These four girls appear nude in volume 28.  It was both the first actual nude scene (excluding bonus art), and the first group nude scene of the series.



What to watch for in future volumes of this series


Of the ten core harem candidates, only three have shown their nipples so far.  There are also countless B-tier and C-tier girls worth hoping to see as well, but given that this post has gone on insanely long, I’ll focus on the remaining seven A-tier characters, in order of importance:



#7 Yukino


Yukino is probably too young to get a nude scene without some creativity, as she is only 11 at the start of the series (fittingly enough, she is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in the anime).  Despite Yukino’s tender age, she is interested in boys and hates being treated like a little girl.

While 11 is probably too young even for manga, keep in mind that this series has supernatural powers and has already once before given a loli the ability to age to legal levels (I can’t remember if it was Yukino herself or a different loli).  It’s also a trick that many other ecchi series have used, including Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san.  So don’t be too surprised if Yukino joins the nipple sighting parade at some point.


#6 Mei Mei


Mei Mei is a part of a (massive) family of traveling performers.  She’s been around basically since the beginning and was featured in the anime.  Unlike most of the other girls, Mei Mei is pure-hearted and very shy.  She has had less fanservice than most of the other A-tier harem candidates to this point in the series.



#5 Chikage


Despite having a bit of a megane-MILF vibe, Chikage is actually the same age, or in some cases younger, than the other core harem candidates.

As you might have inferred from her glasses, Chikage is considered by the series to be the brainiest character.

Despite her short hair and conservative attire, Chikage has a surprisingly stacked body.  She has had a bit less fanservice than most of the other core harem candidates, but what little we get of her is quite good.


#4 Machi


Despite looking somewhat like a loli, Machi is the oldest of the harem candidates at age 18.  She typically dresses like a Shrine Maiden and is highly adept at sorcery and summoning.

Because of the Meiji-era culture on the island, Machi feels insecure about her age.  18 would have actually been considered “old” for marriage in that time period, so she pursues MC-kun aggressively in the hopes that he will marry her and save her from the fate of becoming an old maid.

Despite being quite short and seemingly innocent, Machi has a nice body and isn’t afraid to act like a slut.

Machi has been in the series from the first chapter and also the first episode of the anime.


#3 Ayane


Ayane is the cute younger sister of Machi.  Despite looking very young, she is the 2nd oldest of the harem candidates after only her older sister Machi.  Like her sister, she’s been in the series since the very beginning.  Ayane dresses in a Shrine Maiden attire just as Machi does.

Ayane is a prideful rival to Suzu, and often boasts about being the prettiest girl on the island (she might have a point).  The series seems to make it a point though that Ayane’s braggadocio is a bit of a misnomer, as deep down she’s a good girl.

While hardly the best body of the group, Ayane is maybe the cutest girl in the series.


#2 Misaki


Misaki is MC-kun’s adopted younger sister, and basically fills the forbidden younger sister trope.  She’s cute, has a great body, and has had a ton of naked time throughout the series, though all of it tasteful so far.  She’s hot and just seems to get hotter as the series goes along.

A great deal of Misaki’s nude scenes have paired her with Suzu, often in an onsen type setting.  I’m not saying it will happen for sure, but it would be fitting if they both had their first true nude scene together.

As it turns out, Misaki is half-yokai on her birth mother’s side, so it’s possible she might develop sexy special powers later similar to Michiru and Koto.


#1 Suzu


Suzu is the main female protagonist of this series.  She is the first one to meet MC-kun when he lands on the island, and is assumed to be the closest to his heart.  If this were To Love-Ru, Suzu would be Lala.

Despite her curvaceous, womanly appearance, Suzu is the 2nd youngest of the major harem candidates at just age 13.  Yet though she is so young, she is often looked up to as an older sister by many of the people on the island.  She’s also very strong physically, only Rin is stronger among the harem.

While Suzu’s hair looks blond in the manga, it’s actually brown, even dark brown, in both the anime and colored illustrations.

Suzu has had a ton of tasteful nude scenes thoughout the series, probably tied for the most along with Misaki.  She has yet to show her nipples and when they do grace the pages of the manga for the first time it will probably be built up as a special moment.




Well, that’s pretty much covers it.  Also be sure to check out the fanservice compilation to this series was just updated yesterday, if you somehow missed it.  Maybe now that you are armed with a little more knowledge on this series, you can enjoy it like those who’ve waited 15+ years have.

I haven’t been able to find a release date for volume 33, but if past releases are any indication, we can probably expect it late this year.  It’ll be a long wait, but worth it.