Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 2


Making babies with a loli.


This episode has more service than the first but it is still non nude like the manga was at this point unfortunately. The good thing about this episode though is that they did choose to skip chapter 2 which had no service at all. So at the very least we can hope this means they will skip non service segments so they can reach the later stages of the manga in which nudity does occur faster.

Nobunaga takes Kichou back to his place like he was told in the previous episode. She thinks to herself how this will be her chance to get him to give her a baby since they will be living together. When they arrive she is confused by his place thinking it is a castle and wonders why he only lives in a small area. She eventually just thinks it’s so that no one like an assassin can find him due to all the rooms and places in it. She says she wants to go to sleep as he tells her he will start the bath up.


A slight improvement from the manga (unless you are into loli ass then you probably wouldn’t like the change). In the manga this scene is from the back but here it is the front. Though it would had been better if showing it from the front was for the purpose of giving nudity.

Kichou strips naked and tells him they can take a bath together and make babies. Nobunaga stops her and makes her get dressed again not wanting to look. She then begins to worry this is because of how she looks and that he must not be attracted to her because of her body. Nobunaga tells her that isn’t true and that he loves lolis so her body is perfect to him but he can’t do anything with her because of the rules of modern society.

Nobunaga explains to her that in modern Japan you can’t get married unless you are 16. Kichou tells him that she doesn’t need to be married to have sex as long as she is able to have children she is fine with it. He then tells her that won’t work either since if a girl is unmarried she can’t have sex till she is 18 so either way they can’t make kids. Kichou says that even if that is the case and the laws don’t allow it all they need to do is not get caught and it will be fine.

Don’t you know how lewd thighs are? Got to censor that shit.


Even though Nobunaga agrees that as long as no one finds out it is fine he still refuses. Kichou tells him she will make him change his mind because she was trained in various sex techniques by her servants and she will use them on him to seduce him (would had been the perfect place for a flashback showing how her servants taught her this but alas we don’t get one). She then lays down on the bed and tells him to start as he is confused at her failed attempts. She then begins to wonder what is wrong as laying down and doing nothing is all she was told needs to be done in order to get a male aroused. Nobunaga tells her she failed and that her attempts are wrong. She then asks him for advice on what to do.

Just put glasses on. It would work for me and any followers of my religion of worshiping glasses girls.

Nobunaga’s advice to her is for her to spread her legs and do the pose he shows her after he makes her get dressed. She proceeds to do it like instructed but starts to get embarrassed which Nobunaga notes is odd since she had no problem stripping naked before. Eventually after trying the pose she stops stating that doing something like that was more embarrassing than she thought it would be but at the very least she has learned something new.

After realizing how inexperienced she really is Nobunaga asks her what else she knows about besides having children. She tells him nothing as that is all she was ever taught. This gives him an idea as he decides he will use this as a chance to teach her things she doesn’t know about since it’s his job as a teacher. As his sister comes over to visit she sees that he is having Kichou play a VN as he explains this will teach her multiple things at once such as the use of technology and how modern society works and also about love.  And with that the episode ends with his sister yelling at his teaching method.

The ED also plays for the first time and we have some stuff from that.

Sadly this is the best I can do for a stitch since there are no clean frames of the same frame that is needed to make a stitch. I could only find the same frame come up twice in the entire thing.Need best girl to be naked. Hopefully on BD at the very least.



WebM Album.



So there was both a good thing and a bad thing this episode established. On the good side we saw that they are willing to skip the service lacking chapters and move straight to a better chapter. Considering the actual nudity in the manga doesn’t start till volume 3 it’s important that we get there as soon as possible. With that said this episode had a bad side to it as well and even though this is only two episodes so far and both were with the same character it does present something we may have to face.  That is the likelihood of the anime adding nudity that was not present in the manga looking less possible. It’s still too early to really call it and in both of these cases it might just be they are avoiding nudity with Kichou but so far it doesn’t seem like we will see them improving the chapters by making the ones that were non nude have nudity in the anime to match with the later parts.

It is strange when you consider those images from that minigame on the main website teasing nudity and now with this ED we saw starting with this episode in which it almost looks like they are supposed to be nude but are covered in those transparent clothing lightbeams. They give hints of nudity with this stuff but we have yet to see it actually delivered. Next episode may finally give us a chance to see if this decision to not add nudity to non nude parts is indeed real or if it is just restricted to Kichou. No idea if episode 3 will be the next chapter but in chapter 4 Kichou is brought to the school and we do get service in that chapter particularly near the end of it with the glasses girl so they should hopefully be adapting that chapter next. This will also give us the first non nude opportunity for someone other than Kichou so this will be a chance for us to see if they change the scene in the manga which is non nude to be nude if it involves someone different than Kichou.

Would be nice if we do get actual nudity next week as I’m sure people are starting to wonder what was the point of the parental lock on atx if this is all we are getting so far and to top it off there is still censorship anyway. However don’t forget the actual source material nudity is still some ways away so no need to panic yet till we reach that point which will be the important day. Hopefully this censorship we have been seeing in the atx version so far isn’t foreshadowing bad news. After what happened with that teacher show by kaneko people will really start to question the parental lock if they censor the nudity here as well. Let’s hope they can remove all worries by adding some anime original nudity next week otherwise we are going to be stuck waiting for a number of weeks till we get to the actual nude chapters.

Since the main character’s main fetish is lolis in this I really want to have an ecchi anime come out that has a main character who has glasses girls as his thing instead. It would be the most fitting show for me to cover. Even more so if the main character preaches that the most unattractive thing a glasses girl can do is remove them. Speaking of which there is a hentai title coming out next month that will be really fitting for my hentai schedule post. I really need to get to work on this month’s so it can be posted next week.

Glasses girl needs to get naked counter: 5 times (she wasn’t in this episode to increase it much from last week but that should hopefully change next week).