Araiya-san Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de fanservice review episode 2


Giving more lewd massages.


Unlike the previous r18 shows I’ve done posts on this one decided to release two episodes at once of the uncensored version for the first week. This episode has around a minute and a half of extra content in it compared to the standard version. The service for this episode is focused on the other girl and the episode itself is noticeably different from the source material. The main event of the massage of the other girl is still the same but the circumstances and setup are different which I’ll address at the end.


After Aoi and the others go into the sauna, Souta thinks about how he just heard about her secretly liking him after hearing that conversation between her and Mei. He then gets interrupted by Mei as she asks him to give her a cleaning and massage next. Realizing that if he doesn’t it will look suspicious and would result in his identity being discovered he accepts and tells her to sit down.

Out of all of them I think this scene proves yellow is best girl but sadly we won’t get to see her getting fucked because the series is only focused on the two main girls.

As he starts to clean Mei the others get back from the sauna and tell her they ae done and are leaving early. She tells them to go on ahead as she still wants to spend time here as Aoi and the rest of the volleyball group go to get changed.

After the others have left, Mei tells Souta he should remove his headband since she knows it’s really him. He begins to panic as she tells him she recognized his voice and clothes and also that one of his friends told her earlier that his family owns the place. He begins to worry that she will tell everyone else about his identity but she tells him she will keep quiet about it on the condition he services her like he did with Aoi but even better than she got. Realizing he has no choice he starts.

As they are in the middle of everything Aoi starts to come back and Mei realizes they have to finish before she gets there. Just as they finish up Aoi opens the door and walks inside but Mei falls over to the side out of her view allowing them to not get caught.

When Aoi gets inside she only sees Souta due to Mei being passed out on the floor but he forgets his headband had fallen off hiding his identity as she sees it is really him. After realizing that the person that washed her and heard that conversation she had with Mei earlier was Souta the whole time she freaks out after yelling at him before running away. Meanwhile Mei is on floor passed out from the massage as Souta stares at her as the episode ends.



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So this episode plays out differently from the manga version. The main plot element of the massage is still the same but how we get to that point is different. In the source after Aoi’s massage in the previous episode Souta’s headband falls off as she sees it was him and she passes out as he runs out of the room. The next day at school both of them start acting weird in front of each other knowing what they know while everyone else is confused. Mei however notices something is going on and so when Souta gets home she is there waiting for him and reveals that she figured out it was him the whole time and asks for a massage as well in order to keep quiet. This leads to the massage that happens in this episode but with it just being Souta and Mei privately there. The issue of someone walking in does happen as well but in that case it occurs during when they are having sex not during the massage and the person is just Souta’s grandmother not Aoi.

So with that said the next episode could be the first sex scene depending on if they keep that part in or if they change the circumstances surrounding it like they did with the massage here. In the manga after Mei’s massage Souta looks at her as she is laying on the floor just like he does here in this episode before he decides to start having sex with her with them both agreeing to keep it a secret afterwards. This episode ends with him looking at her in the same way which means episode 3 would in theory contain this sex right at the start of the next episode but it’s hard to say if they will still do that now that we know they are changing things around. The changes in this episode were significant in terms of circumstances but the scene and the existence of said scene were still kept the same so the sex part should hopefully still be kept but in worse case might be be retooled to happen later with a different setting.

Unfortunately this morning as I was writing this up the preview pics for the next episode were shown along with the title. Now keep in mind this doesn’t mean for certain this change will happen but I now have lost hope for the sex with Mei to be in the next episode. Looking at the title and the preview screens for the next episode it looks like it will be the chapter in which Souta gets trapped in the girls shower at school with Aoi which eventually leads to sex in the shower. The question is will the sex with Mei occur first and then continue on with the Aoi shower stuff from there or will it just skip Mei altogether? Due to how they seem to be changing things around it is hard to predict the next episode’s contents based on the source. We will either get the sex scene with Mei if they follow it or they will skip it and go for this Aoi shower stuff instead. If they do that then we still don’t know if the sex part in the shower will be reached in the next episode or not. Regardless the next episode if it follows the source will be sex with Mei and if it doesn’t then potentially sex with Aoi instead assuming they reach that far into that chapter when they adapt it. Fortunately the r18 version of episode 3 is still airing on sunday even though we got two episodes this week. So looks like the r18 version will be one episode ahead all the time.

It’s going to be really bizarre if this show ends up being the only source of uncensored nudity we get this season. With that kaneko teacher show we saw that they are still censoring nipples in the atx version and though there is a chance they might not do this for a future episode it still is an unknown. Nobunaga is still too early to make any calls yet. The manga doesn’t have nudity till later on so until we reach that point in which nudity is supposed to be present you can’t really judge it. Sure not adding nudity is dumb but you can’t hold that against them since that is a case of not giving something extra rather than taking away. Won’t be till they start skimping on the actual source nudity that it is time to panic. If a hentai short ends up being the best show of the season during a season when it should have had fierce competition it’s going to be funny.