Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? >Uncut< Episode 1 Fanservice Review

Episode 1, uncensored. Get in here.

Let’s keep it short like this series’ (unfortunately slimmed) run time – Kaneko is back in the director’s chair, we’ve got a rookie studio working with him making this a possible parallel to Kaneko x Hoods and the creation of the GOAT Seikon back in the day, and there is some interesting source material to adapt.

Does Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (Teacher Fucker from now on) deserve the hype? Has Kaneko brought his tit magic to yet another property?

Let’s find out.

Scene 1 kicks things off good and quick just like the manga did.

Yet, with it I already have my first concern. 

Was the toilet bowl really deserving of censorship? Above is uncensored, and below is censored.

Soooo, what’s deserving of censorship in that moment? Warning sign #1 marked. and first the boob bounce had no soundFX either, so I am worried further.

Granted, these girls don’t exactly have the same breast poundage as other Kaneko leads, so maybe they are incapable of producing meaty bakunyuu noises…..

We’re coming up on 10 years for Seikon by the way, feel old yet?

Dragon-lady sensei just can’t hope to compete.


Moving onto the Op

Kaneko’s signature is definitely coming through right here, boob silhouette on the title screen, complete with bounce.

Now where have I seen that before?

Nice to have you back Lord Kaneko. How long’s it been?  3 1/2 years now? Granted, something still feels a little off since 2 director’s are credited on this project – meaning Kaneko may not have full control, which is worrying.

Teacher fucker definitely pushing that angle even more in the OP.



I’m Ready, Come on, don’t disappoint me now.


Teacher Fucker begins with MC1 getting locked in a bathroom stall with Dragon-lady Sensei

Hard to tell if they will add piss for the BDs, dont give a shit about that, but if a simple toilet shot was the first thing uncensored for AT-X’s apparently ballsier edit, I have no idea what they will keep for the BD. Maybe a lot, maybe nothing. Who knows.

It’s even harder to guess knowing how past Kaneko works have been censored. Anyone who was around for Manyuu’s airing knows it had about 4 different god damn versions. The most censored initial broadcast of the show went so far as to edit out Chifusa’s erotic moaning for ecchi scenes… if they did wonky shit like that in 2011, who knows anymore what we will be getting in the final product.

As it stands, we haven’t even seen a nipple yet so the show is already behind the likes of DxD/Seikon/Manyuu, and a 2nd Dragon-lady sensei breast bounce confirms no sound effects…

budget seems like it will very much go up and down as we continue, but so far the animation is fluid where it matters and the tri-coloring shows they actually give a shit when drawing the tits. I’ll credit that to Kaneko.

One thing I like already is that at times the artstyle looks similar to past Hoods Entertainment works like Senran’s 2015 OVA or MGX. Which is great considering Hoods proper seems to be dying a classic budgetary/production-issue death. Look no further than Madchen.

MC1 and Dragon-lady sensei wrap up their pee-holding moment….. and not a nipple was to be seen.

Warning sign #2 reached, though I will add Dragon-lady sensei’s VA is very cute.

*when you learn you’re older than the teacher character whose already “pushing it” by 15-17 year old animu standards…


Onto the next scene, and we already at the halfway point, ain’t modern shortened animu run-times just grand????

Once again, I’ll give credit to the show for the few moments the art takes a notch up in quality, these guys can make some fucking aesthetic looking characters when they want to.



The fuck is this? Why the censored – CLOTHED titties?  the hell….

oh, ooooh wait, that was from the censored airing… pardon me, Let me upload the real version from AT-X!



that’s funny… that one looks identical to the original release…. almost like, even clothed nipple bumps aren’t being uncensored now… is this supposed to be a BD hook? Is this an error? Am I losing my fucking mind?

What is going on? Alright, let’s continue and figure this out.


MC1 and Dragon-lady sensei are both in the infirmary for this scene, and a suppository insertion is involved

Get out your niche-fetish books for this one folks.

Dragon-lady sensei definitely a qt, but Teacher Fucker’s aesthetic look doesn’t mean all the ecchi is well animated…

and then there’s the problem censoring bare-bones nips even on AT-X… News to companies, these decisions don’t make me want to buy your product, it just pisses me off.

as quickly as it begins, Teacher Fucker ends…. there’s a 15 minute run time… yet they keep both an OP and ED ensuring we’ll be getting just 10 minutes of content per week… glorious.

They even show us the censored nipple shot again, just to show us – yep, even on AT-X you ain’t getting it all.

and the best visual of the episode is in the ED. It’s the only one you get, better enjoy it.



So, quick final thought…. it seems my dick has inverted into my body.

What exactly am I supposed to say. AT-X is still censored, yet the scenes censored certainly weren’t deserving of any imo. The art is aesthetic and great – but only at times – and the short run time makes me want to draft a suicide note.


As I get older I try to compartmentalize things quickly to reason a situation out. Sure this is episode 1 but let’s look at some ground facts. You’ve got raunchy source material sure, but it is half-comedy/half-ecchi, the shorter run time benefits the comedy aspect more than the ecchi for sure. A new studio + limited run time + ecchi…   likely = no budget at all.

I’m gonna guess that Kaneko was brought on to the project as an “Oppai Helper”, and also for the clout of his name. “Ohh shit, Kaneko is back? I’m gonna watch this show now!” – that type of thing. We’ll see how it goes, but I am not impressed at all. Not disappointed though, because the art (can) be a plus, and I tampered my Hype before this episode.

I AM disappointed with the remaining bullshit censorship even on AT-X, it is completely unnecessary, and if AT-X had no hand in it, then this is some scummy BD baiting.

I’m very afraid that going forward, due to the run time alone, this series is gonna be a bare bones quickshot of bits from the manga, no additions, no breastFX like Kaneko is known for, just moments of great art and the odd tasty bit of animation in between niche fetishes, corner cutting, and run time disability.

Hate to use the term “cash grab”, since ecchi at its core is kindov just like that… but the run time and remaining BD bait even on AT-X seems like this show is gonna be a little cash grab to capitalize on the manga, and Kaneko was brought on for the odd bit of advice and to help promote the show to ecchi fans.


get off the hype train for now, until shit picks up.


before we end, let’s have a quick moment of silence for our European brothers out there.

Articles 11 and 13 were passed (most probably don’t even know about it) and they have been doomed to have their internet fucked by their authoritarian EU masters. Special shout out to any Swedes in the audience, since their tard representatives apparently fucked over all of Europe by “””accidentally””” hitting the wrong button on voting day…

You can’t make this shit up.

Any loli fans better invest in VPNs, before they ban those too.


it’s coming to America next in some form I’m sure, some asshole in Congress will make similar legislation, and of course the big tech monopolies will support it to heighten their own control over the market with new government backing…   all under the name of “”copyright law”” and/or “”national defense””, all so seemingly innocent…

Remain Vigilant Eaglelanders, they coming for us.



Until next time.

                                                                                                             I’ll be watching reruns.