Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? “Half Cut” Episode 11 Fanservice Review

Episode 11, with a bit of an uncensored tease at the end.

The new MC and Robot-sensei go to a quasi-beach. Considering the format so far has been a weird combo of episode counts per pairing, I don’t know if this couple may be gone next week or if it will be a 4-pair collab finale.

Let’s get the censorship out of the way…


all the blocked nips just wares on you after a while. it just isn’t fun collecting images of censored content.

That’s all you plebs get for episode 11. One more to go.

Before signing off, I’ll post a link that Lcdude left on the discord this morning. It goes to a Nylon66 (Mr. God’s Work) article covering some soon to be uncensored Nande Koko content for the BDs.

Nice to see another anime join the inverted nipple character club.

Inverted nips get props, but seeing that some censored shit clearly did NOT even need to be censored is pissing me off a little.


My feelings on this are mixed of course…

Sure eventually getting uncensored is always good, but this is after the fact that AT-X lied to us in the first place and now we’re already spoiled, the initial unknown kick of the ecchi has already been lost. Some of the nipples look good, but in many others the anatomy and detail is basic, like Freezing basic. The budget goes to shit most times, but from what we’ve already seen the animation has moments of fluidity excellence so those will be cool to see uncensored, but on the whole it’s a complete mixed bag for me… and I sure as fuck won’t care about the odd uncensored nip by December for the final BD.

It’s like what happened with 7Sins’ final episode, the show already went to shit after episode 4 – and then we had to wait like over 3 weeks to see the final delayed episode. When it aired, we just didn’t care about it anymore, it was done, over, we were bored.

Also, I don’t know if it was Kaneko’s decision to switch to solely gradient blended nips, but it’s a bad choice imo.

There’s a reason I fell in love with Kaneko’s initial style, big – Pronounced – nipples. Shading and highlighting each part of both nipples in multiple areas really makes them “pop” with detail. I think gradient shading on its own is of course necessary to blend the areola to the breast nicely, but if you only do gradient around the whole nipple it looses volume, fullness.  Comparisons.

you get the point.


I will admit though, Kaneko’s other works like Valkyrie Drive and his hentai projects all use solely gradient nips – it’s only when he was working with Hoods (or Xebec) on stuff like Manyuu and Kagaku na Yatsura that his nipples had the perfect combo of gradient and shading/highlighting for volume. So maybe Hoods were the true masters all along?

Meh, I don’t know, Kaneko and Hoods together just equals brilliance in my mind – but separately, they are both clearly fallible.


Until next time.

I’ll be enjoying a classic.