Kyochuu Rettou OVA gives nudity and bugs


Even bugs like naked girls.


The ova that came with the newest volume of the manga has now been released. Like the manga there is nudity in it but despite this the sexual content has disappointingly been removed. The gore has been toned down also but those seeking service probably wouldn’t be bothered by that. Keep in mind this is meant to be horror so don’t expect everything to be sunshine and rainbows but since it is horror we get service mixed in with the blood and death which is common for many horror movies. The normal nudity is at the start with the more horror themed stuff service later on. There are no subs yet so have to go in without them but having read the manga is enough to understand everything.

We start out with a major problem with this adaption right from the beginning. Sure we get nudity here but if you read the manga you will know the really big issue here. This is going to be long trying to address the many problems with this scene. The main girl Mutsumi is shown to be getting bullied by Misuzu and her group and is being threatened with her bag being thrown out the window. In the manga this bag is shown to be an important thing that she looks for first after the plane crash. Since they are about to skip a huge amount of stuff I guess they wanted to have this scene exist to reference her attachment to the bag. She is forced to strip down for the others to get her bag back. Chitose then stops them and takes the bag back and saves Mutsumi. Also pay attention to the appearance of the other girls in the bully group this will be important later but not for story reasons but for another reason for concern about this scene being changed which I’ll mention again when we get to a specific part.

This scene ruined a lot of hype I had for the service in the ova right from the start. Why? Because it’s clear what this scene was being used to replace and that was the classroom sex scene. So to start off the ova skips almost the entire first chapter and character introductions. At the start there are two groups with one being Mutsumi and the softball captain Ayumi and the other group being the other students. Before they meet up we get character introductions for everyone and Misuzu is shown to be the villain of the group really quickly. Chitose doesn’t like having her with them and thinks back on what she knows about Misuzu which gives us a flashback scene. In the flashback scene Chitose looks in a classroom and sees Misuzu fucking the teacher for good grades. Misuzu notices that she is being watched and this becomes important at establishing their hate for each other as Chitose even threatens to tell everyone about it to get her expelled when she tries to manipulate others in the group. Instead it appears they changed it to this scene in which Chitose saves Mutsumi from Misuzu and uses this as the incident that makes Chitose and Misuzu enemies instead. This is the scene they skipped.


Removing that actually pisses me off because it was the one thing I didn’t expect to get removed considering the director’s previous works. It also results in some other issues as well. Mutsumi now has a reason to distrust Misuzu since she was bullied by her which really messes with things as it will make the fact that they don’t just get rid of Misuzu later on after stuff she does really dumb. Like I said she is pretty much the main evil person of the group and in the manga Chitose is the only one that truly knows how bad Misuzu is at first and this results in both of them really hating each other and that fact becomes important much later on in the story than this ova covers. In short they removed a sex scene and changed some stuff around which would either result in some other things needing to be changed later (though we don’t reach that far) and altered character backstories.

After that flashback the show finally really starts. Without subs there is no way to tell if they even explain the setup or anything that just occurred as this ova starts at the very end of chapter 1. Everyone was on a class trip when the plane crashed onto an island. The survivors wake up and eventually meet up. And discover the island is filled with giant bugs. This really comes of as strange that they started at this point as anyone not reading the manga will be confused at the dead bodies around and such. Wonder if anyone notices the one dead girls’s pants are down which is because she was attacked by giant butterflies and killed while trying to go to the bathroom along with others trying to save her killed as well. Best thing to say is read the manga to know everything as they really seem to be making this on the assumption everyone watching has read it so they can skip stuff. Since it came with the newest volume I guess it makes sense to expect that.

Anyway Mutsumi and Ayumi meet up with the others and Mutsumi says that it will probably be at least 3 days till rescuers comes looking for them and they have to survive for that long. Atsushi demands to be the leader of the group since he is the strongest and tells everyone they have to listen to him. They then hear what they think is a helicopter and run towards it.

I have found what would be my perfect anime pet. Out of all the girls here the giant wasp takes the glasses girl. Even giant bugs know who the best girls are. I could have him as a pet and sit on him and we could fly around the world collecting glasses girls for our glasses girls only harem. A show has now made me feel a deep connection with a giant bug that we could be best bros *sniff*

After they run towards the sound they end up seeing it is a giant wasp which grabs Chitose and paralyzes her with poison as it flies off with her.

Will just take this time to point out that Kai is the best male in the series for those that haven’t read it. Probably why he has main lead immunity to dying.

After Chitose is taken Mutsumi wants to go after her but Atsushi won’t let them since he is the leader it is his job to keep everyone together instead of split apart. They also question if Chitose is still alive as Mutsumi tells them she knows she is still alive after seeing what the wasp did. She explains that it will take her back to it’s nest and place it’s eggs on her so that when they hatch the larvae can eat her later. So for the time being she is safe since she is being saved for food. Atsushi refuses to let them go still and after a vote most agree not to go. Mutsumi gets an idea and asks if anyone has a working phone since using that they can tell height and altitude using the gps and if they know that they can survive longer as they can use that to tell what kinds of bugs are around. Everyone’s phone is broke except for the one Chitose had since she earlier checked for a signal and couldn’t get one (a scene they skipped from the manga). Hearing that Kai agrees that the smart choice would be to save Chitose to get her phone and so with the vote in favor of saving her Atsushi agrees to let them go.

Also I just realized something while typing this up. The vote to not save her was 4 to 3 in the manga and I just realized “Where the fuck is the 7th person?”. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner but a character has been removed from this. The small quiet girl Miki is nowhere in sight and she is supposed to be here with them. They wrote a character out and even though she isn’t that important it would make a scene that is much later past the ova need to be changed.

They head to one of the abandoned buildings that the wasp uses as a nest and go inside. At this point look away if you don’t want to see naked people covered in pizza sauce. As clearly the bugs were having a pizza party that got out of control and everyone is covered in it.

I have that same reaction when I see a glasses girl without her glasses.

After looking around they find a bunch of people that have been poisoned with a toxin that makes them not feel pain resulting in them being left alive while the bugs ate them (they toned this down somewhat from the manga as you don’t really see their insides ripped open and bugs eating them). They start to fight and kill all the bugs around before running out since Chitose wasn’t there and it was too late to save anyone else inside. In the manga these people are identified as residents of the island which reveals to them the island wasn’t abandoned and that something must have happened to everyone on it instead. Also notice someone in the last screen? I told you to remember the bullies with Misuzu and one of them seems to be another person caught by the bugs located here. This was not in the manga and since we saw that anime original scene at the start which had this character that is what gives me some more concern about something I said earlier.

Essentially it seems like they really did rewrite that sex scene flashback out to be replaced since the scene they replaced it with now has relevance here. Plus throughout the ova Mutsumi and Misuzu seem to have more hate I guess you could call it towards each other than the manga did. Without subs it’s hard to tell what all the dialogue is if it takes into account the new scene but the point I’m trying to make is they took effort to rewrite some stuff later on to account for that new scene which makes me worry that this wasn’t just ova censorship that will be removed on the movie adaption but straight up rewrites since they have altered other stuff that connects to it. More on that later.


The show has now made me see a bug and think “I wish that was me” for the first time.

After escaping they decide they need to look somewhere else to find Chitose. Kai then tells everyone that while they were in there he found a cell phone that works that one of the bodies there had so they don’t need to find her now. As Mutsumi worries about what will happen to Chitose they hear something else flying by and hide. They see the wasp carrying another person who Atsushi realizes is his best friend Akira from school and runs after him. In the manga there is a flashback to how they both would get into fights against others together and both vowed to back each other up hence why he wants to save him. Mutsumi stops him and makes him not move since wasps can’t see down and then they decide to follow it in hopes it will lead to Chitose.


Atsushi runs into a new house that he sees the wasp go in as Mutsumi follows and has everyone else wait outside. They start to throw detergent and other stuff around on the house that Mutsumi tells the others to go and get from the other houses and mix together. The anime just skips past this part though. Inside Mutsumi sees Atsushi fighting the wasp as she sprays it with hair spray causing it to stop. Eventually they both find who they are looking for and pick them up.

Mutsumi is unable to pick Chitose up by herself and asks for help while Atsushi just ignores her and runs off on his own escaping. This is actually an annoying change because in the manga he doesn’t do that and they make him seem more like a dick than he is. Sure he becomes worse later on but currently he doesn’t do anything that assholish yet. In the manga they don’t take Chitose as she is being guarded by the wasp and decide they will come back later only to have more wasps appear resulting in the wasps all fighting and during that time Mutsumi uses the chance to take Chitose while the wasps are distracted with the help of Ayumi who has come inside.

In the ova Atsushi just abandons them resulting in Ayumi running inside to help Mutsumi after he comes out without her. When Mutsumi tries to escape from another hole a new wasp comes inside and starts fighting the other as the wasp heard this wasp had a glasses girl and wanted her for himself so they engage in battle to win a glasses waifu. It’s really because of the hairspray that Mutsumi sprayed on it earlier but that excuse is better. Ayumi helps her pull Chitose up as they all get out.

After meeting up Mutsumi explains that bugs are attracted to the smell of those chemicals which is why she had them throw it on the house since she wanted to call all the wasps over to it which is why a huge amount suddenly appeared. After she sprayed the first one with the hairspray she knew the smell would result in the other wasps attacking it if they smelt it so she planned on using the bugs to fight each other from the start. She tells them they need to get Chitose and Akira to a medical facility to treat them before they die from any poison in them. Looking at the map they see they need to head through the forest to get to one. On the way Mutsumi explains how she knows so much about bugs because she used to be afraid of them as a kid till she met a woman that taught her about them and is how she learned everything she knows.

After walking a bit they notice a giant tick on Misuzu’s back as Mutsumi knocks it off and checks her for more. At that moment they start to hear noises and realize the forest is covered in giant ticks that have started to surround them. And with that the ova ends………for now.



WebM Album.



Insanely long final thoughts so run like they are giant bugs chasing you. Even though this was an ova it felt more like a proof of concept or sales pitch instead of an actual stand alone ova. It’s pretty clear this thing was made with the idea of the crowdfunding going on at the same time. The whole thing felt really rushed as if they had a list of things they wanted to show and just focused on that. You know how cartoons here in the US usually have a team create a pilot episode to showcase to some executives to get greenlit and said pilot is sometime very much different from what the final show will be and sometimes the public doesn’t even get to see this initial pitch episode. That is what this sort of felt like. It’s like they created this to say “here are the basic ideas now give us money and we will do more” and sure enough the crowdfunding is going on. To be fair this is story driven more than your standard ecchi show so doing an ova that doesn’t have plot pacing issues would be hard since you can’t do something self contained but there were probably better ways to handle this.

They knew they couldn’t cover much with the runtime so they just rushed through but the thing is if they were going to end on a cliffhanger anyway I would had preferred they took their time and made this ova function like an actual prologue instead. This ova covered mainly chapter 2 and 3 with only a very small amount of the end of chapter 1. They seem to have taken the need to get to action approach in order to try and sell the idea I guess. What I would had preferred is if they had just used this ova to adapt chapter 1 alone it which would had been much better. There would be no need to rush at that pace and anyone having not read the manga would be able to follow what happened instead of getting started in the middle of the story.

This wouldn’t had been without action either as they get attacked by butterflies in chapter one and fight them off so you would still be able to show the main draw of the series being giant bugs. Since this ended on a cliffhanger anyway they could had instead ended this at the part when Chitose gets captured. To me this would had been much better as it would had made it feel like an actual episode rather than an advertisement to get funding. Plus it would also make it that the movie they are funding could instead pick up right from where the ova left off instead of needing to redo it which is what I suspect is going to happen. Alternatively if they would had just added 5 more minutes or so to the ova they probably could had finished the entirety of volume 1 off based on the skips and rush they were already doing. Had they did that it would at least instill confidence in how they would handle later service scenes since the end of volume 1 contains another sex scene and a yuri scene also along with a bunch of nudity.

This is another issue with this ova and probably what concerns me the most when it comes to more. They toned it down both in sex and gore. The gore I guess isn’t too much of an issue for some people though if you are offended by gore then you probably shouldn’t be watching horror in the first place. However the removal of the sex scene has me worried the most as there are not only other ones later but also if they are willing to remove that what other service would they remove. What makes this even more strange is that this is an ova not a tv show so there was no censorship excuse to remove that either. If they were going to tone it down then they should had just made this into a show to begin with instead of an ova which most people probably thought was done so they didn’t have to tone it down.

Though even if it was a normal show that wouldn’t justify it anyway since we have seen on air shows contain on screen sex before without issue. Yosuga no Sora which was directed by the same director as this kept the sex shown (though a static image till BD) meanwhile 7sins had a sex scene shown uncensored on atx just 2 years ago. So the fact that they removed this on a non tv airing ova which has even more freedom and to top it off the director has kept sex in another work of his is just bizarre. Will they rewrite the sex scenes later as well to remove them and replace with something else? Will Misuzu convince Atsushi to help her by promising to play smash brothers with him instead of fucking him right there? This is probably my biggest concern with the future and that is if they remove all the sex and other extreme service parts. I swear if this ends up being another case of “People getting killed and ripped apart is fine but sex is wrong” thing *puts gun in mouth*.

As for the future we first have the sequel manga going on right now after the first one just recently ended (the manga volume that came with the ova is the last volume for this first series). It’s still the same characters in it as well so it’s a continuation along with some new characters and other things I’ll not say for spoiler reasons. Then we will have the movie sometime down the line since the crowdfunding project succeeded. The crowdfunding has now reached 106 percent funded as of writing this and will probably go even more in the remaining time left. It was only around 80 percent just yesterday so obviously people are just seeing the ova now and are deciding to fund it after. The project was to make this into a theater release in other words a movie but they were never really detailed on what that meant. A continuation off the ova or an extension? After seeing the ova though it is clear this will probably just be a remake of sorts of this ova but in movie format that will be shown in theaters. Who knows how long it will be but I assume it will fix things like pacing and such and actually start at the start instead of right before the start of chapter 2.

The real question is will they fix the sex removal and keep the later service parts? As I said the replacement scene kind of had an impact on some stuff in this ova so it wouldn’t be as simple as putting the original scene back in as they would need to fix these other parts as well. I suppose one option would be to have two flashback scenes with the original sex scene one still happen where it is supposed to and then this other one occur at some different point like it does here in the ova. Also they are going to need to redraw a lot to add a character in that they just completely removed. The funding ends in 2 weeks and they will probably announce some basic stuff about it then but I’m going to guess we won’t get the movie version till next year.

In the end the ova was mainly to get more backers for the crowdfunding so I guess we can just think of this as a demo or beta of the final product as the crowdfunded release will be the true version we will want to see and can look forward to whenever it releases. Hopefully subs turn up eventually (I think CR is doing it) to see what other changes there might be mentioned in dialogue since I’m sure my descriptions might had probably been slightly wrong at times since I was relying on the manga instead of subs. I’m glad the crowdfunding did succeed though since I like horror stuff and we need more horror anime made. I just hope they don’t tone the service down in the final release and restore what they removed since the nudity and sex in this is one of the draws and since sexuality and horror are two things you find together a lot in horror movies so this should continue with that tradition.

I think this is the longest show type post I ever did in terms of text. Then again I like horror so I guess it makes sense I would talk about it the most here. Also explains why I did horror manga that one October for comps and the corpse party post which is the longest manga comp on the site. Kind of pissed at no sex scene in this as sex scenes are what convince me to watch stuff so removing it makes me feel baited. At least I got glasses girl nudity as a consolation. Now I just have to hope the manga one day gives her a consensual sex scene with someone. They need to add a new decent male character in to pair up with her because glasses girls should never be forever alone.