Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 12


To be continued?


We have reached the final episode but sadly the last chapter for this volume is one focused mainly on the trap. We do get some uncensored nudity from Yuri again at the start but that is pretty much it for the straight service in the episode. In other words the trap is the major focus of this episode again and gets probably the most extreme service so far in terms of physical contact with Nobunaga. However they do leave a hint at the end which could imply a season 2 someday.

The fact that Anna isn’t part of the harem but still there all the time makes me want to see her naked too. They should make an original episode with her and Mayu getting naked in the bath with Nobunaga like Kichou and Kitsuno did.

In the previous episode it was discovered that each person possessing someone needs to have their regret fulfilled in order to pass on and leave the body. Since the person taking control of Yuri wants her breasts sucked Nobunaga decides to do that to Yuri again but she temporarily regains control of her body and stops him from doing it. He tells her he needs to in order to free her as she yells at him to free Mayu first who wants to see Nobunaga getting fucked by Ranma. Yuri then demands they go back to Nobunaga’s place so Ranma can fuck him.

Nobunaga refuses to do it which is why Yuri tells him to do it to serve as punishment for what he has done to her. Since she doesn’t like him sucking her breasts to get rid of her ghost then as payback having gay sex to get rid of the ghost in Mayu is what she finds to be fair. She then leaves the room and Anna follows her as Kichou and Kitsuno stay to watch.

 You should only be that happy if you are getting naked first.

Hope she is drawing a better episode to replace this one.

Best be drawing BD changes of you getting more naked on that paper. Not going to include the pic of their dicks about to touch as he moves towards Nobunaga’s asshole.

Mayu begins to draw everything as this turns into a yaoi episode. Ranma gives Nobunaga a handjob while also maybe fingering his asshole I assume based on that one symbolism thing. After he gets his dick out and is about to put it in Nobunaga’s ass he gets stopped by the person possessing Mayu. She tells them that she can tell Nobunaga doesn’t want to do this and doesn’t want to make him suffer anymore and what she did see was already enough for her to draw and she is happy with that and is moved by how nice of a person Nobunaga is since he was willing to go that far for her.

Also this scene is a lot more explicit than the manga version. They actually made the anime more gay I guess you could say than the manga as you didn’t see the semen covered hands from Ranma after jerking him off or the scene of him putting his dick at his asshole. So why couldn’t the girls get scenes changed to be on this level if you were willing to change this.

 Obviously confused that she got no anime original nudity here.


The person possessing Mayu begins to glow as she tells them she can now go back as she vanishes and returns Mayu’s body to her. When the others come in they are told that Mayu is freed but just to be safe Nobunaga starts to touch her breasts again to make sure she doesn’t get possessed and when she doesn’t they know they are safe now.

Kitsuno tells Kichou that since it worked for Mayu that means they should be able to do it for everyone and that will mean Kichou could go back home as she gets sad thinking about it. Nobunaga tells Yuri that she now needs to let him suck her breasts for a long time so that it is enough to satisfy the person possessing her so she will leave. Yuri yells at him more blaming him for everything as Kichou gets angry and attacks her. Kichou points out that none of this was Nobunaga’s fault and despite this he has been willing to do anything to save those possessed even going far enough to almost get fucked in the ass to save Mayu even though he didn’t want to.

Kichou uses her knife to threaten Yuri for constantly insulting Nobunaga and treating him like shit even though he did nothing wrong and just wants to help. She points out that she didn’t want to be called to this time either but she knows it’s not his fault and he has taken responsibility for it and is trying to help her get back home anyway while all Yuri does is insult him. In other words Yuri is worse girl and has been for the entire show and Kichou wanted to point this out to anyone watching that actually liked her for her body because they chose to ignore her shit personality. Funny thing is it’s true and she has consistently acted like a bitch in the entire show and been unlikable. Also don’t forget all the lewd from her that wasn’t Nobunaga’s imagination was really the ghost of someone else doing it and that ghost’s personality just using Yuri’s body and not actually her. The real Yuri herself isn’t anywhere near similar to the person possessing her and has acted like a prude for the show at that. Nobunaga eventually calms Kichou down as he takes the knife out of her hand and puts it away as the camera stays fixed on it for a bit after he puts it down which is in no way an obvious omen. Also I’ll address it at the end but this knife scene is a bit different from the manga for a reason that makes sense when you think about it.

Nobunaga thanks Kichoou for standing up for him. She tells him she doesn’t want to go home and that there is still something left she needs to do. She tells him she wants them to have babies and watch them grow up thus ensuring her regret is something that can’t be fulfilled right away meaning she has to stay with him for a long time. And with that the show ends. However the credits show a montage of various other things as well as one more final after credits scene.

This actually pisses me off. This was obviously a reference to the chapter where Kichou and Kitsuno watch porn that they skipped. They even left the part where they both get naked and try to do stuff to him after watching it. Why did they skip that chapter but then give two chapters of yaoi trap stuff instead of skipping those instead.

Kichou’s knife that Nobunaga touched when he took it from her earlier begins to glow and hover as a new girl appears from it as the show finally ends. This new girl is the same character that was in this month’s poster for Nobunaga so this explains why they had her in it since they planned on showing her at the end.



WebM Album.



I initially thought this was an original episode as I couldn’t find the chapter or remember seeing it. Then I realized after looking closer the initial uploads of volume 3 that you can find on most sites is actually missing the chapter due to the fact that uploaders for it put individual chapters together instead of the actual real volume and I guess forgot it or purposely excluded it (really hate uploaders that put up fake volume releases).  The most interesting thing about this episode though was the ending and what it could imply. Worth saying though that they did change things with that hint at the end a bit from the manga chapter. In the manga the new girl appears right after Nobunaga takes the knife away from Kichou instead of not appearing till later as we see here. I’m guessing they changed this for pacing so that the episode could still end on a somewhat conclusive end with no new problems coming up while still leaving open the doors for a season 2 later as a post credits scene.

Something to also keep in mind is that the show pretty much covered all of volume 1-3 except for a small number of chapters it skipped so volume 4 is all they have to work with currently. So if by chance we do get a season 2 sometime I would expect it not to be for a while since they don’t have enough content to do another season unless they decide to do a bunch of anime original episodes. Also something else to point out is that cliffhanger endings like that don’t always mean anything. After all King’s Game which was also done by Seven and had the same director as this show also did the same thing for the ending even though there was almost no way that would get another season as anyone watching that probably killed themselves at how horrible it was. So even though a season 2 for this would be nice it isn’t something to take as fact just yet.

However this show has been ranking fairly well at least on amazon and considering it is in the same short format as Okusama which seven also did and that got a second season so it could be possible the sales of the BD and manga volumes might be enough to get a season 2 greenlit and maybe this ending was a hint at a desire to do a season 2 and they might believe there is a real possibility of being able to do so based on data that might not be public. All we can do is wait and see if any kind of announcement happens some day in the future. In the meantime it would be nice if they did something like an OVA and have it maybe included with the next volume sort of like what Okusama did in between it’s seasons.

As for the BD the first one comes out on friday and will include the first 6 episodes. I mentioned it before but the BDs description lists it as containing both an all ages and r15 version of the episodes. This is an interesting thing since the decision to include both makes me wonder if that means we could see serious redraws during it. Off the top of my head the only series I can think of that also included two versions was Monster Musume and we saw with that the BD had a bunch of redraws which makes me wonder if we could see something like that here. There were the obvious censored parts in the show but what if there were other parts also censored that were not so obvious. For example Tachibanakan Triangle last spring did a really surprising thing and gave nudity in the BD of the anime while the manga had only contained partial at that point. Not only that the BD changed scenes to be nude that we had no reason to think would be nude as they weren’t nude or even partial nude in some cases in the manga and yet they completely redrew the episodes on BD for these scenes.

So could a similar thing be done for this show? Maybe the scenes with long hair blocking out Kichou and Kitsuno will be changed on BD as a surprise. Scenes that we thought were supposed to look the way they were presented could end up being changed completely in the best case giving us much better content. Also don’t forget the main website had that game to reveal images of the girls naked and barely censored which seemed like an odd thing to do if half of them would never get naked. Then there is the ED in which the clothes on the girls look like transparent light kind of. Will those be removed as well? This is all just wishful thinking as there is no way to tell what to expect but it seems like a strange choice to include two versions of the episodes in the BD as I doubt anyone wants to collect the censored version unless the two versions end up being so noticeably different such as with redraws that you would want both.

Since there are still BDs left and thus more posts for me to do I’ll save my final thoughts for then as you can’t really judge the show fully till we see it completely uncensored. In the end though this show did at least give us uncensored nudity for this season while other major shows didn’t. Not only that even though this part was censored till presumably BD they did give nudity of Mayu who wasn’t nude in the manga so Seven did handle the show well in that regard by offering something the manga didn’t. We even got Yuri nudity sooner than expected as well due to these changes. Sure it would be nice to have that for other characters as well but can always hope for the BD to change that. Who knows what the BD will deliver on but it comes out on the 28th so let’s hope they do go all out with redraws and other changes instead of simply only removing the censored things we saw in this version.

They really should had went full koe de oshigoto with this episode to honor the creator’s previous work. Make each girl picture what having sex with Nobunaga is like and give us a sex scene with each of them. That is how you should do anime original episodes. Hopefully the BD does something interesting. Now to move on to milf isekai and the lewd secret lover shows for summer season next.

Glasses girl needs to get naked counter: 40. I told you I would count and I did. How many kept track let alone know I was counting at the end of each episode. Didn’t pay off for the show though but should for the BD I assume.