Super Sonico BD Fanservice Review: Episode 6

Is there anything that beats MJ classical “Thriller” song? XD

Hello everyone!! \(^^)/ It’s Super Sonico again!! Without saying much, let’s get started with the beginning of this episode where Sonico and her band mates were trying out some swimsuits for their planned activity!!

Unfortunately, it was cats and dogs outside and they had to cancel off their activity. XD In the meanwhile, Ouka Satsurikuin, Sonico’s co-worker at the modeling agency, gets a job as the spokesperson of a new fat-reducing cream. Ouka invites Sonico, Suzu, and Fuuri to join her on a luxury cruise to celebrate the product’s launch.

All product samples are given to the attendees and they were pleased with the immediate results. However during that night, the people who used the products had effectively become hungry zombies because of the side-effects of the product cream due to insufficient testing. XD Because of that, Ouka had already made her escape first leaving Sonico and her friends behind.

With the ship out of the sea, they had no other place to escape from the horde of “zombies” in which they decided to jump out of the ship. By time the jump off from the ship, the side-effects of the product cream went off and all the “zombie” there became normal people again. XD

Fortunately, Sonico and her friends were being rescued after that while Ouka and the cream company’s owner faced some serious consequences. XD Before the end of this review, let’s enjoy some credit-less ending of Super Sonico where she encounter some zombies in her adventure!!

That’s all for the fanservice content for the review of this episode!! Thanks for reading everyone and see you guys again on the following episode of fanservice review for this anime!! (^^)v