Super Sonico BD Fanservice Review: Episode 7

The adventures of Sonico solo travelling!! Who does she meet? (^^)

Hello everyone!! It’s Super Sonico again for your Fapservice content!! In this episode, Sonico went for a solo trip for more lyrical inspiration on her new song. In her trip, she met a lot of people tat helped her throughout her journey. But before we get started, it should be noted that this episode was probably more tailor made for people with legs fetish as there were a lot legs and feet sightings in this episode. XD The episode starts with Sonico having a conversation with another woman on the way to her stopover in Niigata.

Whilst stopping over in Tainai City, Sonico comes across a glassmaker, who offers her to took shelter from the rain in her workshop. In there, she teaches Sonico to make little accessories.

After the rain stopped, Sonico continued her journey. She then heads towards a hot spring. Along her way, she encountered many new people and a lot of beautiful sightings.

(I really wanna complaint about this: the water is so clear that we can even see her feet but we can’t see her other parts. XD) After checking into the hot springs and taking a dip, she decided to go sight seeing at the observatory. And this time, she is able to wake up by herself. XD

She tries to find her way to an observatory but gets lost in the woods. However, she manages to follow a raccoon to where the observatory is, becoming awed by the starlit sky.

In closing, there’s also some fanservice in the ending!! (^^)

Well, that’s all for fanservice review for this episode. I have to admit that the amount of fanservice had diminished for this episode, but there’s still some fanservice in it. XD Hope you guys still enjoyed it and stay tuned for the next episode of Super Sonico fanservice review!! Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v