Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? “Not Really Uncut” Episode 3 Fanservice Review

Episode 3, AT-X censorship is for whores…

I won’t waste your time, so long as AT-X sees fit to be overly censorious in order to bait the BDs, there really isn’t anything to cover.

Upcoming are all the tease shots and relevant story beats. Keeping it simple.


Onto the OP


FUCKing best girl though, I will say that


^ Flashback to suicide prevention

Oh fugg, will they have the cahones to adapt this part fully? Very much doubt,but let’s see.

I’m waiting


See what I meant in earlier reviews now? About the animation quality varying wildly. Dem hands.


Oh… oh wait. What? You mean that scene ends there?

Ah, so they didn’t adapt shit…

What is a background?

I’ll say this, backgrounds do matter. and if they’re good they add to the atmosphere instead of ripping you out of it like a 5 buck smut film from Queen Bee.


Allow me a brief aside.

Don’t even look at the titties, as great as they are, look at the vibrant art, and beautiful sunset sky.

Your Ecchi doesn’t have to look like cheap shit. It’s okay to have standards.

Onto the final >censored< ecchi scene.

Funny thing is, without the AT-X censorship, you might have had a really good cute little scene there. But because of the censorship spoiling our first impression, having to wait to see what is ultimately a spoiled moment is always going to impact your final thoughts. You get hyped for something that is just a minute long in an already shortened show. It never feels worth it. Your own time invested in such a small scene isn’t ultimately worth it.


The episode ends shortly thereafter.


I swear, I think the budget got its knees blown off this episode. So many poorly drawn hands “I know, why are you looking there faggot, look at the tits.”  okay, I get it.



All I’m saying is, you can strive for better, greater heights of titties. Where Kaneko shined like a diamond, instead of smelling like restrictions.



Until next time.

                                                                                                            I’ll be watching VOLVOX milfs.