Super Sonico BD Fanservice Review: Episode 2

What is the best costume to wear while performing a concert?? XD

Hello everyone!! It’s Super Sonico again for your cold winter Fapservice content!! In this episode, Super Sonico is preparing a concert with her band- First Astronomical Velocity.

They tried to invite people they know to attend their concert too. At the same time while helping out her granny, the patrons there told Sonico that her granny was a hot lady when she was young too. XD

However, things become troublesome when unexpected things happens at the last minute. Sonico received a phone call and was asked to attend a photo shooting session from her modelling agency before her concert starts. XD Hence, she had no choice but to inform her band mates that she will probably not be helping out in the concerts preparations. Upon feeling bad about it, her photographer cheers her up by telling her that her friends would definitely understands her.

Soon, Sonico managed to finish her photo shoot session in time. Meanwhile, her band mates, Suzu shares how she met Sonico during their high-school days and the big boobs that stunned her when they first met. XD

When Sonico finally reaches the place for their concert, but nobody was in the make up room. XD It appears that Suzu went out to pick Fuuri up so that they all can make it to the concert. As a result, Sonico went up the stage all by herself first.

Just when she was about to start the concert all by herself, her band mates finally made it in time and they start together. After that was an ending theme where Sonico becomes a giant where her boobs was rammed by a passing helicopter. XD When Sonico was excited singing, her concert costume starts falling apart, as she took the wrong dress. XD

Too bad, there’s nothing much for us to see after that. That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode. (^^)/ Hope you all enjoyed the review and thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v Stay tuned for the following episodes of Super Sonico fanservice review too!!