Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 4


Nudity finally.


Even though this episode only has a small amount of service at the start it ends up being the best so far due to it being actual nudity now. After going the first 3 episodes with no nudity we finally have gotten some and without it being censored as well. Also of note is that this nudity is anime original as the nudity in the manga did not start until later on. This scene however was changed from being non nude in the manga to nude here. Hopefully this becomes the trend for the rest of the episodes going forward.


The only thing she should be shocked by is that we didn’t see best girl naked.

I actually looked at this frame by frame just to make sure there wasn’t quick nudity of her put in here. Sadly there isn’t yet (and it better just be a case of yet and not never).

Continuing from the previous episode just as Nubunaga was trying to deal with Kichou and Mayu getting nude is when Yuri walks in and sees it. Knowing that his life is over after this he decides to do the same stuff to her. However all of this is just his imagination and what he is thinking of doing and doesn’t actually do it. Much like Koe de Oshigoto the author’s other work there are a few imagination scenes like this which will give us service.

She must be wondering when she gets to show the goods and so am I.

As Nobunaga tries to think of what to do Kichou takes out her sword and threatens to kill Yuri if she says anything about what she saw as Nobunaga stops her. He then decides to use this time to explain to everyone who Kichou is and why she acts that way since she is from 470 years ago in the past. No one believes him when he says this nor does Kichou who still refuses to accept that she is in the future and still thinks he is lying about it. She then tells everyone they just have to head to her castle and her family will prove everything she says is true.

2spooky4me I’m running. Guess they want to teach us about the No Face from japanese urban legends as well.

When they arrive at her castle Nobunaga takes her to the billboard which explains the history of the place as well as listing the name of the real Nobunaga she was supposed to marry. After she looks at it and reads things such as her brother eventually killing her father she runs off towards the castle to see more.

 I would build a museum of naked glasses girls instead of ancient japanese castles. She could then enter for free if she was naked.

After getting inside the castle Kichou sees how different it is now and how everything is on display like a museum. The others decide to show her around to see if she recognizes anything showing her all the artifacts.

I’m sad too that best girl to the right isn’t naked yet.

After they reach the top floor and she looks out at the mountain she acknowledges that while everything else might change the mountains and view don’t and seeing them confirms to her that she is at the same place only in the future now. She tells Nobunaga she is sorry as she accepts that he isn’t the one she was supposed to marry and that what he said was the truth. She has no idea what to do now since she has no family or person to marry. Nobunaga tells her not to worry and that he will help her since they might one day find a way to get her sent back to her own time.

After cheering Kichou up they continue to look around the place some more. She eventually sees the plate she used to use on display and another one she doesn’t recognize next to it and touches it. Nobunaga takes it from her telling her they aren’t supposed to touch them as suddenly it starts shining just like what happened when Kichou first appeared. He then realizes what is about to happen and that another person is going to show up again just like her as the plate floats into the air and another girl appears as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



A rather important episode as it confirms a few things for us. The first is this episode proves to us that the atx parental lock on the show is relevant. After the first few episodes had no nudity and the stuff with that kaneko teacher show still being censored people were probably starting to worry about the relevancy of the parental lock going forward but this episode has demonstrated that at least for Nobunaga it still is important. The other important thing to take from this episode is that they are indeed adding nudity to it that was not present in the manga. I speculated about this being a possibility before as the director has did a similar thing for okusama years ago. After the first 3 episodes of this remained non nude though it started to look less likely that would happen here and this episode would had been the last chance to see if they would do it or not because of who it would involve.

In the manga there was no nudity at this point but the character involved does have nudity later on unlike the others we have seen so far. So if they were possibly avoiding nudity of characters not yet nude in the manga then it would make sense for them not to alter any non nude scenes but in the case of a character that does get nude later on there would be no reason not to change their early non nude scenes to nude ones. Sure enough that is what happened here with us getting nudity of Yuri earlier than we would had if it followed the manga. The big question though is will this be the start of nudity being given to the other characters even if they don’t have any in the manga or not. There is one other character shown in the opening and credits that appears later that gets naked in the manga so nudity of them will probably happen as well but for the others that is where the mystery is.

Hopefully the nudity isn’t restricted to just the two from the manga that have some and they do start to add it to the others as well now. Perhaps they just wanted to wait till the nudity barrier was broken with the character that already has manga nudity first. Next week I’m assuming will be the bath chapter with Kichou and the new girl that appeared at the end of this episode. That chapter despite having both of them nude doesn’t show anything due to hair and other things. Will be interesting to see if we will start getting more nudity changes from the source material now that it has finally happened or if they are going to keep those non nude chapters non nude still. Next week should give us an idea on what they might do from this point on.

Since they kept the imagination scene in place I’m hoping the sex one later on is kept as well. Though that is just one panel. More importantly I really hope we reach the chapter in which they watch porn. I really want to see them animate that. Wondering if that will be uncensored as well or need to wait for BD. Might end up going the yosuga no sora route of making it a static image in the atx version and movement on BD or maybe completely uncensored since 7sins had that one sex scene shown uncensored. We are still far away from that chapter though so who knows if we get there but I hope we do. Alternatively would like it just as well if they start adding new imagination scenes in and make them more service filled than the manga. Also the starting image of this post is too perfect. Considering I covered Akiba’s Trip and the fact that my username is based on it and I’m covering this show. The signs of being the main character obviously.

Glasses girl needs to get naked counter: 16