Kenja no Mago: Fanservice Review Episodes 1-2

You may not like it, but is time for Isekai…

…or so they say.

One of the series worth a look or two this season seems to be Kenja no Mago. But just a minute, you can bet this is not a show that will unveil its graceful ladies for your eyes.

Anyway, I suppose deep cleavages, tight dresses and oversized boobs are somewhat worthy, right? (I got a sensation of deja-vù, but don’t mind me.)


Kenja no Mago‘s story is quite simple. A corporative slave one bad day gets run over by a truck and dies. Then he is reborn in some parallel magic world as a baby (well, not really reborn, just the kid got the memories of the dead man, so it’s not really creepy) that almost get eaten by a demon before learning how to walk. A old mage passing by saves the kid, adopts him, names him Shin and teaches him magic in his spare time (which means all the time, since they live in the boonies). His ex-wife teaches Shin how to enchant magic items, another guy living nearby teaches him how to fight in close-quarters and with mundane weapons and there’s that other dear uncle coming in visit from time to time bringing snacks.


But, on his 15th birthday, Shin discovers that they are respectively the greatest wizard of the world, the greatest enchanter, the former captain of the royal guard and the king.


In turn they discover that, since Shin has memories of magic from anime and movies in his previous life, he’s good at envisioning magic effect, and thus he have the strength of the Gurren Lagann in a world where the average mage is as useful as C-3PO.


So they enlist Shin in the royal magic academy, to teach him some common sense (how much common sense can you have when the man that raised you is called Merlin?) and restraint. Immediately after moving to the city, Shin picks a fight with thugs and saves a couple of well-stacked girls (coincidentally his future classmates) and discovers that half of the population of the city are groupies of his adoptive grandparents. Then Shin aces the entrance exam for the magic academy, gets buddy-buddy with the prince and into another fight with a snooty little nobleman that had the habit of stalking on of the abovementioned stacked beauties.

(you will not find her eyes down there, Harry Potter…) (Just so you know, the redhead is called Maria and the bluehair airhead Sicily) (…and, this is what happens when you got a babyface and god-like powers in a fantasy world… apparently…)

All in a couple days’ work.




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Overall thoughts: This is your friendly isekai anime, apparently in Japan nobody dies. Instead they all get teleported to fantasy worlds. I don’t think Kenja no Mago will deliver too much in terms of fanservice, but the story seems quite easy and linear, the girls are cute and the other characters are pretty decent. So, if you can get around the uber-powered protagonist, it’s not a bad pick for a new anime to watch this season.