Girls Bravo Episode 15 DVD Fanservice Review

Cleaning is Bravo: Service and story from a side girl. Service done right!

Something I always like en every harem series is that every episode is focused on a different girl. Harem shows need one or two episodes each season that lets us see and learn about a different girl in the series. This side story episode gives us service from Lilica. Lilica was the one that single handedly took town Kirie in an earlier episode. This Episodes bath scene has her in a very spacious bath.

Well talk about these scars after. Yukinari, Kirie, and Miharu are all met with a strange male teenager in the school. The reason? Miharu was told to leave a candy wrapper lying on the ground in the school. That teenagers name is Mamoru Machida, and he’s dedicated to cleanliness. Post interaction Miharu brings Mamoru to Lilica, under the assumption that Lilica can help improve his cleaning abilities.

Well, this episode was going to have very little service in it in terms of the bulk of the episode so i’ll wrap up the gist here. In his cleaning rampage Mamoru: Fired shots on top of the school and at Fukuyama, stopped Risa mid incantation, set off the banana weilding monster, tried to fight it, lost, called in a care package, then tried to drop it on that thing COD style. He then get’s overwhelmed by his loss during this and rushes back into the school. Lilica gives him choice words, slaps him, and shows him her back. Lilica’s back has a ton of scars. 

After Mamoru finally gets rid of that thing, the episode ends. I will also say that this eipsode has the most crotch shots in all of Girls Bravo in my opinion.

Stitches by ScissorMeTimbers


Give your free hand a one hand clap round of applause to Scissor for this last stitch. That hand and whip moves across the screen so actively during that pan.

Webm’s Now Added!p.s. webm’s for episode 14 have been redone and uploaded as well.



Look at that pan! Next week: As Long as We’re Together Then Bravo! (tomoka episode)