Araiya-san Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de fanservice review episode 5


Curing sickness with lewd.


This episode much like some previous ones does some slight changes to the story. The overall main point of the chapter is still the same but the existence of an anime original character changes some things a bit. This episode does give us another sex scene though like the previous episode.


Souta notices that Aoi isn’t at school that day as Mei tells him she is sick. She then asks him to go and check up on her and he leaves to go to Aoi’s house to visit her. Meanwhile Takazuki notices him leaving and asks what is going on as Mei tells him about Aoi being sick and asks him to go visit her as a member of the volleyball club as well. This is where things slightly get different compared to the source. This guy is an anime original character and didn’t appear in the manga. He has been around a very small amount of times in some of the previous episodes but just seemed to function as a joke background character with like one line. Here however they decided to give him a more notable amount of screen time and worked him into this episode’s story.

At home Aoi is thinking about how Souta now knows that she likes him for sure now after hearing her conversation with the other girls in the shower last episode. Souta then arrives and meets her sister as she brings him up to Aoi’s room to talk to her. Her sister then leaves them alone as she goes to answer the door and sees that Takazuki has come to visit her as well. Souta hides under the covers as he comes in to tell Aoi he just came to visit by chance and then turns to leave as her sister stops him and asks him to have tea with her as they go back downstairs.

After it is safe to come out of hiding Souta notices that Aoi is sweaty from being sick and decides to do stuff to clean her up.

Meanwhile Aoi’s sister and Takazuki are downstairs when Aoi says a show she wants to watch is on and puts on what I can only assume is porn since it’s Comic Festa’s fictional tv station whom are the makers of these r18 shows as Takazuki says she is even prettier after seeing what she is watching. I will say though this scene annoys me because of the wasted potential and lost opportunity here. We have already seen that this show is deviating from the source material some yet despite this these deviations have yet to deliver any extra service which this would had been perfect for.

Takazuki was not in the source material so if they were going to have him present for this scene then they should had made use of it to give us something the source material doesn’t give and that is a scene with the sister. Seriously how do you waste this opportunity? Both of them are downstairs and she starts to watch porn which could had been used to result in both of them getting aroused as they decide to fuck which would work out well since while Souta and Aoi are fucking upstairs we could had got a scene of Aoi’s sister and Takazuki downstairs at the same time. It’s a shame none of these r18 shows have ever shown other couples let alone seem to limit what women get scenes. There are few things more annoying in hentai or even porn than seeing a good looking woman in it but she doesn’t get a scene and just serves a minor purpose.

After Souta and Aoi finish up, Aoi’s sister shows back up just as they avoid getting caught. Souta tells Aoi he is going home now and will see her tomorrow as she tells him she is happy he came to see her today as the episode ends.



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This episode like some of the previous had a change from the source material which though it wasn’t a major change it does have me worried about the same thing I have mentioned before. We already skipped Mei’s sex scene which should had happened earlier but I was hoping it would just be rearranged to someplace else but with the way things are going with these changes I’m really starting to think they might have decided to remove it altogether. Making it that Souta only has sex with Aoi I could see them having decided to do and if that is the case then there is only one thing I can hope for which probably has a low chance of happening. This anime original character doesn’t seem to have an important reason for being around since he wasn’t in the source. If by chance it was decided that Souta will never have sex with Mei to keep things romantic or whatever in regards to his relationship with Aoi then I can only hope the existence of Takazuki was to fix this Mei issue. Maybe we will get her scene with him instead as she realizes she lost to Aoi.

The image preview for the next episode shows Aoi and Mei in the hotsprings bathroom which means the school trip chapter is next. That chapter does involve all 3 of them and even gives some slight yuri as Mei takes part in doing things to Aoi as well. However as I pointed out before she leaves shortly after as Souta and Aoi have sex following it. Since we have seen the show makes some changes here and there the question is will that apply to this scene? There is a chance they might keep Mei there and change it to a threesome or maybe even have Aoi pass out after it and then have the Mei scene they skipped previously after that. Could also change it that Mei could leave and run into Takazuki after and we get something there instead. Hard to tell what they’ll end up deciding to do but I really hope we get something for Mei.

With only 3 episodes left I can take a guess on what we have remaining based on the chapters. The two main events remaining are the hotsprings and the scene with Souta and Aoi alone in their room. We already know the hotsprings is the next episode but what we don’t know is if that will last two episodes or not. I could see them making that whole scene be two episodes especially if they make some changes and then the final episode will probably by the scene with them in the room. There is also the chance it will be just one episode and we get those two main events in the next two episodes with an original final episode. Next week and how far they reach should give an idea on where this is going to end and hopefully we get something from Mei in the end.

Why do subs for these shows always have issues? I wanted to get this post done yesterday and I actually did have it done except for text because I couldn’t write anything without subs. If the show followed the manga correctly then it wouldn’t had been an issue since I could just rely on those translation but since they have made changes here the translations alone wouldn’t be accurate. Also doesn’t help that the translations for this show are inconsistent in terms of quality. For some reason there are groups willing to translate hentai ovas with subs already out for these 15-20 minutes titles within a few days of release but 5 minute shows like this they ignore. Guess this is the curse that will be present for all of these as I have yet to cover one without sub issues.