Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? “Not Uncut” Episode 4 Fanservice Review

Episode 4, Open the Tumbling;Down…

Lots of things can happen as your brain begins to die, for starters, its makes your fingers and coordination weak and your attention span minimal.

Onto the episode.


at least a beach confirms bikinis.

I don’t know man, but it just feels like the budget is dying. Or at least on life-support.

no, the rampant AT-X censorship does not stop or lighten up…

Don’t know if this is a birthmark fetish or what, or a snake bite, or I don’t really know anymore. What they are choosing to cover, and what they skip…

And that’s all you get, bitches. You enjoy that AT-X censorship. Mmmpf



“It’s like I’m trapped in a time loop of my own making. Forever covering shows in the shadow of Seikon that never manage to create magic at the same level as the Golden Age.”

(It’s 2010 – 2015…)

“Could my very hype and inevitable pessimism have shifted my consciousness onto another world line? One where the state of ecchi continues to degrade?”


“Could I have shifted onto a world line where ecchi seasons have not only been shortened by episode length… but by episode COUNT too? This isn’t making too much sense…”

“I suppose it really doesn’t matter and the end of the day, I’ll always have the classics… yeah right, that’s what THEY always say. Are we not allowed to strive for greater heights? Must we continue to exist in this place where ecchi is dying?”


(My mind wanders to visions of the past. Rather Uncensored ones.)

“Some May say that time has passed, but I must keep my Oppai Titty standards High.”


“I must continue to believe.”



“Oh, how could I forget, the budget continues to get capped like a bunch of 70s pimps via a marine vet’s pistols.”




this is getting a little dark, allow me to provide some levity.



Until next time.

                                                                                                            I’ll be watching true titties.