Kenja no Mago: Fanservice Review Episode 3

With great powers come great…

… responsibilities? As if.

Let’s talk a bit of the opening and ending theme. They are well detailed and with graphics in line with the series’ average quality. The opening theme (“Ultimate☆MAGIC” by i☆Ris) is a pop tune that plays a bit on the comedic tone of the series. The ending (“Attouteki Vivid Days” by Nanami Yoshi) is a bit more catchy and serious, and by far the best of the two, in my opinion.


In episode 3, little Shin keeps his railroaded love-story with “my-eyes-are-up-here” Sicily, and becomes without apparent reason the poster boy of his class, with all the girls swooing on him and the boys being strangely supportive. Apparently being the grandchild of the local Dumbledore boosts your reputation more than a fair bit.

(and this series suddenly becomes interesting, this interesting girl is Yuri) (I wouldn’t trust this kind of teacher…)


Shin is also basically forced by the mindless admiration of his classmates and teacher (not to mention smartass bromate Aug, the prince), to create the Ultimate Magic Research Society, a fancy name for a school club dedicated to playing around with spells.


That said, Kurt (the snooty unimportat nobleman that Shin used to mop the floor in the first couple episodes) is now being grounded by his father for abusing his authority, and it somehow comes out that he became like this roughly one year ago after taking magic classes from Strom, a dubious foreigner. The former-teacher then visits Kurt again, to talk him out of his rage, in theory.


But it turns all upside down, when a demonized Kurt (demonoids are the strongest evil beings of this world) storms the academy and tries to kill Sicily, Aug, Shin and all the others.


But no fret, since Shin, single-handedly and with only a bit of effort, slays the demonoid (and former schoolmate, but who cares?), and soon thereafter is endlessly glorified to greatness.




WebM Album: Episode 3

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Overall thoughts: Nothing much to note, in this episode we get to know the other small-fries that should be Shin’s classmates, get to know Strom that will be probably the “big bad” of the this series and we can, finally, forget about the morbid harasser of Sicily. Overall the series keeps having a good graphical quality and sadly not much fanservice.