Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 5


Getting an adult loli.


This episode is really low on any service sadly. Unlike earlier on in the show when they skipped a low service chapter they didn’t do the same here and so the end result is an episode with little in it. On the plus side though that means the episode after this one should have more based on what chapter should be coming up next.


After having touched the plate in the previous episode, another girl appears in the current time period and falls onto Nobunaga. At first she gets angry saying she will only allow one man to ever touch her. Upon hearing the others call him Nobunaga however she believes he is the same one she knows and thus becomes happy at finally seeing him again.

If they wanted to get her away from him they should had just got naked

Why couldn’t she interrupt them by being naked instead.

As they are leaving the girl has started to stay close to Nobunaga as she then offers herself to him to do whatever he wants. Mayu stops her and then asks who she is. She tells everyone she is Kitsuno and is one of Nobunaga’s mistresses and thus why she should be able to offer herself to him.

She obviously is thinking about when the next opportunity for her to get naked will be which should be 2 weeks from now is my guess based on the chapters.

Kichou tells the others she has no idea who she is and has never met her before. After talking with her they have her describe who she is and Nobunaga confirms that she is indeed a real person from that time period named Kitsuno based on what she describes about herself. She was initially married to someone else but after they died in battle she later met Nobunaga and became his mistress.

Kitsuno realizing she is not in her time period asks how long it’s been since she died as she remembers dying from sickness back when she was 29. She then says this must be her second chance at life and she was reborn in this period to meet Nobunaga again. She acknowledges that he is not the same Nobunaga from her period and concludes he must have been reborn as well. When she hears he isn’t married she asks him to marry her now instead.

When Kichou hears her ask him to marry her she stops her. Kitsuno realizes who Kichou really is and tells her that since the Nobunaga here isn’t her’s she doesn’t need to marry him. When Kichou mentions that Kitsuno will have the same problem she has when it comes to marrying by being too young to marry him Kitsuno says that won’t be a problem since even though she looks young she is really 29. She concludes the reason she looks young is because she was simply reborn to look that way since her wish was to serve Nobunaga in a young body so that means she got to keep her age of 29 while being given a body that is younger.

Mayu’s friend tells her that she needs to say something otherwise this will be another person that will take Nobunaga away from her. Before she can do anything, Kichou intervenes and stops Kitsuno telling her she won’t allow anyone else to marry him instead of her. As they are fighting Mayu’s friend pushes her towards the two of them and tells them that she needs to be part of the fight as well and he will have to decide between all three of them as the episode ends.



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A shame that after having finally getting nudity last week we go back to an episode which has the least amount of service so far. I really was hoping they would had speed through this faster and got to the next chapter instead since the next chapter after this involves Kichou and Kitsuno in the bathtub. Would had been better if they would had combined that chapter with this one or did something else because of how low the service content in this chapter was but they didn’t since I guess they wanted to give Kitsuno’s introduction more focus. The small amount of service we did have in this episode was actually anime original content. This chapter in the manga had nothing at all so that imagination scene towards the beginning was something only in the show which was possibly to make up for the fact that they used this entire episode on that chapter and didn’t want it to be completely empty. Next week however should be an improvement thanks to the upcoming bath chapter at least. Keep in mind though and I think I said this last week as well but that chapter has no nudity either. However since last week broke the nudity barrier earlier than expected compared to the manga we can hope they do the same thing again with these future chapters.

We already have seen the show avoid giving Kichou nudity that wasn’t there in the manga but this will be our first time seeing Kitsuno in a similar situation so who knows if the same logic will apply to her or if we will get nudity again next week. Fortunately the upcoming chapters do start to have more service in them than what we have gotten so far which means more chances for additional nudity being added in like we saw last week. It’s just a question of if they will do this for the other characters now or not.

Assuming they stay on track with the manga then two weeks from now will be another glasses girl focused chapter and thus a chance for my get naked counting demands to maybe pay off if they give her nudity then. Also on an unrelated note my next post will be the 200th one. That should end up being araiya which I guess is fitting since my very first post was a hentai post as well.

Glasses girl needs to get naked counter: 19.