Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? “”Uncut”” Episode 2 Fanservice Review

Episode 2, maybe uncensored. I don’t even know anymore since AT-X is still censoring even clothed nipples…

Last week on Teacher Fucker, we learned that short run times suck, fluctuating art quality sucks a little bit more, and Censorship on AT-X sucks the hardest.

That’s all I got. Let’s cut through the fat and outline this “””””uncensored””””” episode.


surprised they didn’t censor this, my eyes certainly couldn’t handle, a wet t-shirt….


All tease

So why is this nipple bump okay?…


But these aren’t??


Yes, this is still the AT-X version you are seeing, you haven’t fallen into a gravity distortion.

Stick around, it doesn’t get much better.

So again, why is a single nipple bump okay? but 2 gets censored?


Still no titty flopping soundFX, unless they censoring the sounds as well…. which, has been done before in stuff like Manyuu, so who knows what may or may not be added in the BD they are OBVIOUSLY trying to bait you on with this censorship…

Here’s the thing though, when I can go back 7 fucking years and get uncensored nipples within 5 seconds of an ecchi starting…. why oh why should we be asked to deal with retarded censorship in 2019? If you show the goods I am motivated to buy, but if you tease too much, it pisses people off…

Spoilers: We Get No Nipples This Episode Either.

^ A perfect visual representation of the show thus far.

and with that, it’s already over.

Thanks 11 minute run time, with both an OP and an ED eating up space.

What can I even say? This should not be how AT-X airings work. Don’t know if I should be angry at the show or AT-X itself. I don’t know who to blame. Kaneko clearly has a winning track record, so I don’t know why he’d suddenly shit the bed with this project.

He may be listed as Chief Director, but he isn’t the only director on the show and that worry’s me. Piggybacking off of what I said last week, I think Kaneko was really brought on for oppai supervision and ecchi clout.

Regardless of what I think however, we can only judge the results we see in front of us, and right now this show is just a censored gag-anime. The art quality fluctuated even more this episode compared to episode 1 too.

This show is now pretty much confirmed as BD bait. I don’t see anything worth talking about if everything in an already short series is going to be censored up the ass. Maybe the girls having smaller tits to work with is just throwing Kaneko off his game, I dont know.





What a shame this may be some people’s first exposure to Lord Kaneko… you deserve better.

Much better



Until next time.

                                                                                                                 I’ll be watching reruns.