Super Sonico BD Fanservice Review: Episode 1

Super Sonico is here for your Fapservice content!! 

Hi everyone!! I’m sure a lot of you guys heard about the fictional character called Super Sonico since she’s one of the girls on Fapservice banner. Although I’m not sure how many of you all actually watched her anime, but the fanservice content in this anime is really worth noting!! (^^)/ The introduction of Sonico begins her as a girl who is prone to sleeping a lot and often requires her cats to wake her up. XD

After that, she rushes towards her college for class but still ends up being late. XD

At the same time, she also works as a model. After her class, she attends a photo shoot sessions with some perverted client. After an array of photos, her client requested her to wear a much more revealing outfit. XD (Isn’t that a good thing to feast our eyes?)

But because of the intervention of Mr Kitamura, Sonico’s manager, she did not took part in the photo session with the more revealing outfit. (T_T)

And that is all for the highlights of fanservice in this episode. Don’t worry guys, there will still be tonnes of fanservice of Sonico in revealing outfits in the following episodes. Hence, please stay tuned for more fanservice review of the subsequent episodes of this anime!! Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v

Thanks to Scissors MeTimbers for the stitches!!