Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 3


A school of waifus.


We get another character added and finally some service from someone else. Disappointingly though they still didn’t modify the source material to contain nudity so we are left with more non nude service. The introduction of the other teacher is good news though since she is the one we will get nudity of should we reach that point in the manga.


Get naked.

Nobunaga tells his sister he plans on taking Kichou to school with him as a way for her to socialize with people and get used to them. As they head into the school some of the other students watch them enter as Nobunaga tells Kichou not to say or do anything strange while she is there like she usually does.

After entering the school he meets up with Yuri who is his teaching assistant and shows her Kichou whom he is passing off as a transfer student. Yuri tells him to ask her if he needs any help as he enters the classroom.

 If you really want to upstage the new girl get naked.

I have the same expression when I realize you have yet to get naked.

After introducing herself as a new transfer student to everyone Kichou notices that there are a lot of girls in the class. She begins to think they are all his potential wives and so she announces to everyone that he already promised to marry her once she turns 16 and that everyone else can just be his mistresses since thy have lost. This causes him to panic as the class stares confused while Mayu gets worried after hearing this since she promised to date him when she graduated in the first episode. He tell tells her to get in her seat and tries to play it off like a joke.

 Friend should convince her to get naked.

After class Nobunaga has to leave and tells Kichou to stay quiet and not say anything like that again. After he leaves Mayu’s friend makes her answer their questions. Her friend tells her that Mayu loves Nobunaga and wants to know if it is true about him agreeing to marry Kichou after she turns 16. She says that it is but that he refused to make babies with her and they still are not married yet. This causes Mayu to be relived as her friend tells her that she still has a chance with him.

Kichou stops her and tells her that she won’t allow anyone else to marry him and she can be his mistress instead. This angers Mayu’s friend as she demands they have a contest to determine who should be his wife by seeing who can convince him to have sex with first to determine the winner which Kichou agrees to while Mayu is forced into it.

Need real naked not fake arms crossed naked.

After Nobunaga is brought into the classroom and the door locked behind him so he can’t leave, He sees both of them undressed as it is explained to him what the contest is and that he has to choose.

While Mayu is too shy to get fully naked like Kichou she is still willing to show her breasts. Since he wants to break one of my commandments of never stopping a glasses girl from getting naked he jumps at her trying to grab her hands to stop her from moving them. As a result though he grabs onto her breasts instead.

Why am I being denied nudity of best girl. Does anyone that sees these know I am counting.

After realizing his mistake he tells her he will remove his hands and for her to cover herself back up quickly while his eyes are closed. She grabs his hands though and tells him she doesn’t want him to remove them and asks what he thinks about her causing him to panic even more.

As he is trying to think about what to do because of how Mayu is acting the door unlocks and they all turn to see Yuri enter the room looking at them as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Still no nudity yet. This episode kind of further removes any hope of them adding nudity to parts that were non nude in the manga now. We are just about done the first volume now with next week presumably finishing it up. If we go at this rate of 4 episodes per volume than we should hopefully reach volume 3 where the nudity starts by 2/3rds into the show. Next week assuming it covers the next chapter will only have a small amount of service to it unless they change things. The end of said chapter which I would guess is how the episode will end also adds another character to the show.

Next week does have some brief stuff with the teacher and though it is non nude the fact that she does start getting nude later could be our last hope of them adding early nudity. In the case of the other girls they never end up nude to begin with but with the teacher she does. So maybe if we want to hold out on that last bit of hope then perhaps we will finally get something. If not then we can probably finally put the chances of nudity changes out and have to rely on waiting for the show to reach the actual nudity in volume 3 which should be around episode 9 maybe if they keep up this rate. Really hoping the show does start to deliver something soon because so far the service in this show has been so minor each episode that actual nudity could at least make up for the small amount of service per episode if it at least delivered on that front. The manga taking so long to finally get to nudity was a grind so it’s a shame we have yet to see the show rectify this. Guess they want us to wait till near the end to see something if they don’t do anything next week.

Glasses girl episode and yet no nudity of her. Worse is that she doesn’t get nude later on in the manga anyway so I was really hoping for a change here. All I can do is hope they do something original near the end and deliver nudity of everyone at some point. Will my counting actually pay off. Who knows but I demanded her get naked more in this episode than I did the other two combined.

Current glasses girl needs to get naked count: 11.