Nekopara TV Episode 4 Fanservice Review

Better late than never – Nekopara ramps up the ecchi

The previous three episodes were rather terrible from a fanservice perspective. Bad enough that I planned to stop covering the show on a weekly basis and consolidate multiple episodes into one post. Then episode four comes along and has an entire segment of titty groping and shots of the catgirls in their underwear. Still mild, but at least it’s something worth posting about.

The first few minutes of the episode are in similar fashion to the others, very slow and SoL like. Chocola and Vanilla are still helping the baby neko adjust to her new home.

Seemed like we were in for another snoozefest.

Then Shigure calls the catgirls together for measurements and things get interesting.

Nice. Coconut and Azuki bicker about their size differences, as always. The second gif has sound enabled in case hearing catgirls growl is your kink.

Shigure buzzkills the yuribait play fighting that had at least a 5% chance of turning into a sex scene if uninterrupted. Fortunately things get better later on.

The baby neko now has an official name – Cacao. After her favorite pastry. I don’t ask questions anymore.

Chocola’s measurements reveal that she has slightly bigger tits than Vanilla. She’s also slightly fatter than Vanilla so her reaction is mixed.

Of course, Cinnamon is absolutely stacked. Chocola and Coconut are rather jealous.


out of nowhere, Cacao starts kneeding titites and just like that Nekopara has its first solid ecchi scene.

Cacao is apparently disappointed by lack of firmness in Vanilla and Chocola’s titites. She wisley moves on to Cinnamon. Kid has great taste.





Cinnamon climaxes as a result of the kneading and everyone involved is satisfied. sound is turned on in the second of every duplicate gif in case you prefer to hear the moans.

the rest of the episode crashes back to a milder reality. we do not get to see any other girl have their titties kneaded. seems like a waste of Coconut who has a body on par with Cinnamon and no less service potential. hopefully the previous scene isn’t fluke and there’s some sort of continuation in later episodes with different girls.

The nekos express a desire to return to the beach in the future to “teach Cacao how to swim”, code for the patented swimsuit episode that is dedicated to fanservice.┬áCacao is the MVP this week for giving us a convenient excuse to see groping disguised as innocent curiosity, and it seems as though she’ll be the catalyst for any other ecchi going forward.

Episode five could return to the SoL dominated tone of the previous airings, or it could continue the momentum and top this week. We’ll see.

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