Hajimete no Gal OVA Fanservice Review [UPDATED]

Another sleazy school festival episode.


[UPDATE1] Unfortunately, NoxBasket deleted her gfycat account after she stopped writing for fapservice. Her WebMs for this review have been re-uploaded to gfycat and the album link has been updated.  In addition,  gfycat embed code was updated from an old WordPress plugin to newer Responsive Iframes. Please note that this is a review of the OVA as it aired and not the BDs.


Y’know how in anime there will be an episode dedicated to a cultural festival in a high school? Well, that’s the case here.

It opens with Junichi and Yame’s class doing what looks like a cosplay cafe. Yame’s the one on the left I believe.

Afterwards, it cuts to a nice and lengthy locker room scene.

Ranko remembers that she’s gay, and starts molesting everyone afterwards.

Version 2 of this stitch.

Afterwards, we get a glimpse of what Nene’s class is doing, which appears to be an animal cafe.

A missed opportunity, but it’s not like we haven’t seen Nene’s behind before.

Junichi just so happens to find one of his friends leading a loli cult, much to his own horror.

A very accurate representation of what most Fapservice readers look like.

Nene drags Junichi to a classroom that’s doing a haunted house exhibit. Long story short, Nene freaks out and runs away.

Now it’s Yui’s turn to hog the MC.

He leaves, and she tries running after him, only to trip into a blanket-covered hole.

Ranko unfortunately also falls in.

And wins an award. Good for them?

WebM Album

The OVA  ends with Yame and Junichi finding each other at the end of the day when the bonfire is lit.

Not bad for an OVA, although it definitely could be better. Hajimete was never meant to be a hardcore nude ecchi, but there were some shots that could have used some work without pushing the boundary beyond the service’s reach.

Hopefully non-nude fans enjoyed the ride while it ended, there were definitely some parts that I thought were well-done or enjoyable.