Ishuzoku Reviewers fanservice review episode 4


Too hot for pussies.


By now you have probably already heard the news about what happened and as a result official subs are now dead. Fortunately fansubs did show up on the same day and considering how popular the show is we don’t have anything to worry about in regards to subs. As for the episode this week it covers the lesser succubi and salamander chapters. Unfortunately this episode was much tamer compared to what we got last week and disappointing in some ways as a result.


After a fake everyone died scene with Crim finding the bodies it then shows what really happened. Stunk and the others are looking for a new brothel to try out and decide to head down an alley they never went before. They discover a succubus place that is really cheap and grants unlimited time so they decide to go try it out and see if it is a scam or not.

Upon entering they are told that once they agree to go in they won’t be let out till the succubi are done with them. The receptionist makes them sign release papers removing them from responsibility if they die as a result. When asked why it is so cheap she says the succubi are the ones who pay her and that is how she gets most her money while the small fee charged to customers is to ensure people don’t think it’s a scam.

Crim turns down going inside as the others agree to go in as the receptionist tell them if they survive in there then they can choose her. Stunk asks Zel to cast a vitality spell on them so that they can go in extra strong as they head inside.

After some time has passed a large group of orc pigmen show up stating they want revenge for last time and when the succubi see them they throw Stunk and the others out and go to take all of them in instead. After Crim goes to pick them up they all give their reviews and take three weeks to recover.

Crim is asked by a plant girl that knows him to get some manastones that she is out of. So he along with Stunk and Zel go to the volcanic area to get them where it is cheaper due to not needing to pay the fees that merchants charge to account for the work it takes them to get the stones to sell. So they just cut out the middle man instead.

They get attacked by a boulder monster and after beating it Crim asks about how Stunk is so strong. Zel tells him that Stunk was given a lot of training as a kid and could even beat adults when he was still a teenager.

They eventually decide to go to a brothel located at the volcano where you get to eat food cooked on a salamander girl and fuck her afterwards if you can handle the heat. Crim and Zel also note the strong mana in the food which Stunk can’t detect.

This episode will give me nightmares. That naked sushi stuff always disgusts me. Unhygienic give me ocd holy shit kill me fetish.


The scene cuts away as they start to cook the sausages on her as a joke means of censoring what is going on. Instead it switches to a bath scene of Meidri.

They ate those sausages after they were already in her mouth covered in her spit. Fucking nasty fuck shit I’m dead. I think this is the most horrifying episode I will encounter. I convulse in a seizure just seeing people share drinks so christ this episode is killing me.

After they finish eating all the meat they are then asked if they want to fuck now which they turn down as they would burn to death from her body.

Salamander realizes that Crim is unaffected by her heat due to him having heat resistance from being an angel so she takes him with her while Stunk and Zel leave to go buy the manastones.

After Crim gets back they notice that he smells like meat now as he gives his review on the whole thing. Meanwhile the plant girl from before reads the review and notes how Crim has started to become just like those he hangs around now as the episode ends. Except for the after credits scene.

Another short scene with salamander as the episode ends for real.



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Going to say I was disappointed in this episode considering what they could had worked with in terms of extra content for the succubi chapter. It makes my fears from last week seem more likely now where they only made the previous episode extra lewd because it involved lesbian content. The succubus part was immensely underwhelming compared to what we got last week. You didn’t even get to see any sex actually happening in it. Most of it was just them licking the guys and the one instance of what had sex was just the girl putting it in and nothing else. No movement no nothing. Last week we got a futa hyena thrusting her dick into Crim, Stunk getting fingered, and Zel getting stomach bulged from slime, and even a loli using a vibrator on Kanchal. While the succubus part here gave nothing at all. This was supposed to be full on reverse rape with the succubi so why did we not see something like that. The entire scene should had been like the ED but with various succubi riding dick but instead we get tame licking. Not even something like blowjobs or titjobs like you would expect from something like this. Really wasted potential.

The salamander part was mainly just eating food and having it shaped like body parts and when the sex part came up it didn’t really feel special to me. We had Crim licking pussy but I mean even Bikini Warriors has done that before multiple times so it wasn’t really all that special. I’m really hoping this changes later on but despite this being a show about sex we have actually seen very little of it. Sure the manga showed almost none but if you are adding content not in the manga why has it so far allĀ  been just foreplay tier with the exception of the genderswap lesbian content. Maybe if this had been before the previous episode it would had been viewed differently but once you reach a certain level with one episode you really need to continue on that level or better otherwise each episode pales in comparison.

Next week seems to be the monoeye and mushroom brothels based on the end card. The odd thing about that is it should be the light beam brothel next after monoeyes instead. They seem to be rearranging it for some reason but not skipping it I assume since one of those girls are in the ED and their group is in the OP. As for what content to expect from those chapters is anyone’s guess since the manga obviously doesn’t give what the anime does. I really hope they start adding actual sex to the anime original content though since so far it just seems to be fetish material they focus on rather than the actual sex aspect of the prostitutes and are still keeping the actual sex parts off screen.

I really hate fetish focus in stuff. It feels like the show is just focusing on the unique aspect of each girl type and spending all the time on that instead of the actual fucking. I want to see monster girls getting fucked not monster girls doing niche fetish stuff to people. We are only a third done so maybe things will change but if this doesn’t start having actual sex between males and females and instead just does this weird shit than it doesn’t really set it apart from other shows except for taking the fetish material further.