Overflow fanservice review episode 5


Hiding and confessing in a locker room.


This episode goes back to only a minute and a half extra content in the r18 version after last week gave much more. This is an Ayane episode though and based on the next episode pv it seems like they are keeping the whole sports festival part intact. So we get another sex scene with Ayane here and next week Kotone.


It should be illegal to have so many good looking girls in hentai or even porn for that matter and not give them scenes. Should they remove that censorship law in japan they should replace it with that law.

Kazushi is eating lunch with Kotone and Ayane but when he tries to talk to Ayane she gets up to run and take part in the cheerleading part of the festival. The song used here is actually the ED from Araiya. So I assume the company is now going to copyright strike itself right? After all they go after reviews on twitter because they are ran by morons so surly they will copyright themselves.

Kind of wish they would actually do cameos of other shows in their shows instead of just small stuff like this. With all the shows being animated by different studios that would result in the characters not looking exactly the same but they could probably manage. Since this is a highschool they should have had the teacher from Omai actually be shown in the back as one of the faculty. Even better have the girl from 25sai be in this as one of the cheerleaders and have someone comment on how she doesn’t look like a highschooler.  Have the guy from joshi ochi be one of the other people living in the apartment of the main guy and see him leaving his room one day. Main guy from skirt was a model so have him appear on a magazine cover a girl is reading. There are a lot of small nodes I wish they would do simply for world building. Making it that all of these r18 shows took place in the same universe and even same area would make for some funny lore to add to porn.

After the cheerleading part Kazushi asks Ayane to talk as they go to the girl’s locker room since no one will be there while the events are going on. While there he asks Ayane why she hates him now and is ignoring him as she tells him she doesn’t and she was just embarrassed and didn’t know how to act. At that point other girls start to come in as they hide in the locker.

I now want the girl on the far right but alas none of these will get anything. Rather than hide they should had let the girls catch him because if jav has taught me anything about japan it would result in a huge orgy with the girls.

They both hide in the locker while the girls change and leave with Kazushi doing stuff to Ayane while they are in there. After the other girls leave they get out and if you are watching the all ages version you get this picture in place of what’s next.

Meanwhile in the r18 version you get the following.

Meanwhile Kotone is outside wondering where Kazushi went and if he got lost as the episode ends.



Webm Album.



Ayane episode for those that like her and even a dancing segment which was far better animated than you would expect in something like this. Though I almost feel like it was motion captured and then traced. Which would be even funnier if it was a real highschool squad that did the motions for it. Do they tell them “You will be doing motions for an episode of a porn show” or use special wording of “Choreograph dancing that will be used in a animation” and then one of the girls watches the show and notices it is the same thing they did but doesn’t want to tell their friends otherwise they will know she was watching porn. And then comicfesta takes the idea and turns it into an r18 show.

Next episode based on the image shown should be the Kotone in the classroom scene. Now that we know the next episode I am really curious to see what they do after this. I figured initially that would be the ending since in the manga the page after is him walking home with both of them while saying he had no idea how serious things would become with them. Which seemed like that would be the perfect hook to get people to read the manga. But instead we still have two episodes left now after that. The chapters following right after it don’t really feel like a conclusive place so will they do something anime original or maybe zip ahead to some other chapters later to do. Also wondering if they will try to get the 3rd girl introduced during one of them in order to get people to pick up the manga to continue reading that way as well. So next week we get more of best girl and an idea on what they might be planning with the rest of the episodes.

I wonder how many reading these don’t get the copyright jokes. Even though I had featured the comment about our twitter account being killed due to this company. Also no one except a very few people will get the hilarity in the starting image I put in this post from the episode. I actually had a long comment to post in that hajimete ova reupload post explaining some things about those reupload posts but never got around to it. Maybe I will still do it so look in there over the next few days to look. But haha what timing for this episode and that post. You can probably draw a conclusion on why these are related in a funny way but if not I might have that explanation comment there later. But just know this. We at the site relate to that image a lot concerning someone.