Nekopara TV Episode 5-6 Fanservice Review

Nekopara – Keijo Edition

Nekopara is now being covered on a bi-weekly basis due to lack of consistent fanservice. Episode five is slim pickings. Episode six has a Keijo inspired butt battle segment that is funny and worthwhile.

Episode Five

Cacao makes a new friend and defends her from a random crow attack. Receives some ass service during the scene. First instance of her being lewded thus far.

Episode Six

Coconut aggressively scrubbing her shin is the lewdest shot of a bathing scene. how fun.

Shigure proposes that Coconut and Azuki resolve their differences through a sporting competition. I guess the shop is closed for the day and they can afford to screw around

competition #1 – catgirl twister

mildly irritated that  coconuts beautiful ass is out of frame in this shot. serves no purpose but to irritate ass lovers

competition #2 – resist eating delicious catfood

Coconut and Cinnamon are more concerned with the box itself than whats under it.

competition #3 – egg spoon balancing relay race

Cinnamon has an ill-timed erotic fantasy that distracts her from the competition. Is appropriately pushed off stage into the water.

Vanilla manages to beat Coconut by asking her to solve a riddle. Apparently Coconut cannot think and fight at the same time.

Azuki channels her inner fighting spirit and does a booty dempsey roll. Hilarious reference to Hajime no Ippo.

booty dempsey roll whiffs badly, unfortunately. Azuki loses the competition.

final competition – catgirl obstacle climbing

Azuki saves Coconut from falling to her death. Coconut remembers when she first met Azuki and they shared a relationship similar to that of siblings. This moves her to resolve their differences.

These endcards give me mixed feelings. always hot, great to see. but feels like a slap in the face compared to how tame the actual episode is. why can’t the anime be like this is the usual thought that comes to mind. the keijo competition was fun. There was somehow more strategy in those matches than all of Jet Girls that supposedly was about racing.

Bi-weekly coverage for Nekopara seems like a better alternative to dropping it altogether. that was nearly the case after watching episode 5 and seeing like 20 images that are remotely service worthy. Hopefully episodes 7 and 8 have enough material to warrant a longer post.

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