Shinchou Yuusha TV Fanservice Review: Episode 6 & 7

This hero is overly cautious, even when it comes to dealing with lizards and insects. XD (Well, we are ought to be careful when dealing with pests too) 

Hey everyone, we are back again with another episode of fanservice review for the Cautious Hero anime!! (^^)/

Episode 6:

In this episode Leviae, the Great Mother of Dragons states that the Demon Lord can only be defeated using Igzasion, a weapon that can only be forged when a female dragonkin of human appearance offers her life. While Mash and Rista protest, Leviae then offers everyone a feast prior to conducting the sacred sword ceremony.

As Leviae expected that Elulu will be having second thoughts, she ordered their food to be laced with paralytic. However, the drug did not work on Seiya as he was just pretending to eat.  During the confrontation, Leviae activates the Death Sentence Necklace that Elulu’s wearing. When she refuses to lift the curse, Seiya fights Leviae head on. It appears that she is winning until she notices that she is about to fall into the abyss. She pretends to  surrender, Leviae attempts to kill Seiya with it, but Seiya still manages to defeat her.

In overall, there wasn’t any fanservice in this episode and the naked lizard queen with light beams on it can’t be considered fanservice either. XD

Episode 7: 

In this episode, Seiya had decided the best decision is to head back to the Devine Realm to train harder in order to defeat the forces of the Demon Lord.

Seiya was later introduced to Mitis, the Goddess of Archery, who can help him to take down the forces of the Demon Lord.

While Seiya is training, Ristarte, Mash and Elulu runs into Cerceus, who tells them that Adenela is still angry with Seiya. At Ariadoa’s house, Ariadoa agrees to unlock Mash and Elulu’s dormant powers. Ristarte then heads to Adenela’s house where she sees just how angry Adenela really is.

After that, Rista tries to warn Seiya about this but Adenela was following Rista to the forest all the way. XD While Adenela tries to confront Seiya, Seiya is able to calm her down to the point where she is no longer angry with him. Afterwards, it is revealed that Mitis was watching the incident the entire time.

In overall, the quality of the illustrations did not help much to improve the fanservice either. That’s all for the review today and please stay tuned for the following episode of fanservice review where more fanservice will be available. XD Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone. (^^)v