Nipples confirmed for Centaur’s Worries

The most promising series of the Summer 2017 season appears to have delivered on its potential.

As mentioned during the Summer preview, Centaur’s Worries is based off a manga that sometimes features casual nudity that is not overtly intended to be erotic.  Given the slice of life elements, the general theme of playful innocence, and the softer, more feminine personality traits of the characters, it would be understandable if the nudity had been scrapped in the anime.

But now we know that will not be the case.  The Centaur’s Worries anime will have nipples just like the manga did.

From episode 8:

Looks like Ange Vierge don’t it?  You can expect a happy ending this time though.  Pun intended.  Credit to MaxPower:


Her right nipple (just under the book) is visible though the filter, both the outline and the coloration.  The small nipples match the style from the manga as well.

Here’s how the scenes above are shown in the source material:

Credit to Haoliners Animation for maximizing their opportunities here.  It’s also worth nothing that the scenes we see here occur in volume six of the manga.  That’s notable because usually an anime series will cover roughly five volumes, and here Centaur’s Worries has already gotten as far as volume six by only the 8th episode.  By that pace, it’s possible the show could reach as far as volume nine or ten by its conclusion at 12 episodes.  There are additional nude scenes in volumes seven, eight and nine.  It reminds me of Triage X which pushed the pacing to make sure they got to as many relevant “plot” scenes as possible.

This wasn’t the first scene in the series with nudity, but it is the first scene were a nipple could be seen, confirming the nude anime status.  Previously in episode three there was this:


And again here is this same scene (from volume two of the manga):

Looks promising.

A couple of other scenes from the first eight episodes worth touching on…

Episode one:

Here we have a topless mermaid girl in a prison cell.  The foreground bars could be removed if so desired, and maybe they will be, but I’m guessing they’ll stay, since it ties into the story narrative about her people being persecuted in the past.  Plus other censored nudity in the show was done with light beams, not redraw techniques.

And in episode seven:

This was a bit of a confusing scene, as this same character was shown censored in the episode three scene above.  Here she is not censored at all, but has a blank chest.  I guess we’ll see what happens on BD.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the anime delivering on it’s fanservice potential.  Hopefully the last four episodes will continue to capitalize the way the first eight episodes have.