NTR Never looked so good.

These BD’s won’t cheat on us!

Hello everybody, Kranesh here once again this time to deliver a breaking news flash!

One of my guilty pleasure shows of this past Summer Season 2017, Netsuzou TRap, will  bare everything for us with it’s upcoming BD release! Wonderful news considering that such show deserved an uncensored treatment in some scenes, see it for yourself and prepare your body for some high quality content.

This article was made thanks to the information obtained at otaku_com. However we believe that they obtained it from ren_ka_blog.

(Up: TV version, Down: Uncensored BD)








Seeing that delicious scene in it’s uncensored glory will put my pants on fire! But sadly that’s all we have about Yuma and Hotaru for now, to be honest Yuma’s tits were all over the place regarding size on the anime… sometimes they were smaller, sometimes they were gigantic and on par with Hotaru… could have been the clothes I’m I right?

Hope you guys liked this article as much as I did, this post will be updated in case we find more BD goodies to share!