Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 1


A show for those who liked one of their teachers when in school.


The next r18 rated show of the season has started and much like Souryo and Skirt there are multiple versions. So far for this first episode the r18 version had a full minute and 25 seconds of extra content compared to the standard one. Not only that this episode delivered way more and better service than Souryo and Skirt did for their first episodes. So things are already looking good for this show.


The show begins with Nano the main female meeting a friend of her dad’s who has asked her to have a marriage interview with his son. Since he had heard from her father that she isn’t married yet and he wants his son to get married as well they both him and her dad decided to set things up for them to meet. He then shows her a picture of his son and she sees how good looking he is.

The next day at her teaching job she is thinking about the marriage interview her parents setup for her and if she should go. As she is leaving she sees one of her students Kuga and goes to talk to him.

She mentions how he has been skipping her class a lot and if anything is wrong. He says he is fine and not to worry about it. She then notices some cuts on his arm and he quickly pulls away telling her it is nothing and leaves making her think he must hate her since he never talks to her. Those cuts will of course be important later.


The next day she attends the meeting her parents arranged and meets the son Souichirou. She starts to get the feeling she has met him before but can’t figure out why. This makes everyone think she is nervous and shy and so Souichirou suggests they go together somewhere that isn’t as formal and she agrees.

Eventually they go to a bar at a hotel and he asks her what it is like being a teacher and if there are any students that give her issues. She tells him how she like the job and wants to treat all of her students equal. This gets a reaction from him which implies he knows her.

He quickly tries to change the subject so she doesn’t get suspicious and starts asking more about her students. She tells him how there is one she is worried about and she thinks he hates her but she wants to help him if something is wrong in his life. Souichirou tells her not to worry and that the student doesn’t hate her and that he probably knows that she wants to help.

After being complimented Nano starts to get embarrassed and it is at that point he asks her to marry him which is the point of marriage interview setups.

After this they get a room at the hotel. This is also where a change occurs depending on the version watched. In the standard version this appears…

This warning pops up and then a bunch of scenes are skipped with it resuming later on down the episode. In the r18 version however you get around a minute and a half of the following scenes instead.

Nano tells him it is her first time and is nervous. He gets surprised at this and tells her not to worry and he will be careful.

At this point is when the r18 content ends and both versions match up to continue on.

He accidentally calls her sensei which makes her begin to worry since she has had an odd feeling about everything for awhile now and he never said that before. She then notices on his arm cuts in the same place she noticed the cuts on Kuga earlier in the episode. As a result she removes his glasses to get a look at his face and sees that she was right and that Souichirou is really Kuga and the episode ends. If you want a stitch of the manservice during this click here.

The ED credits consisted of pans of various different covers of the manga as the background so here they are as well with the credits removed from them.


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Out of all three R18 shows we have gotten these past few seasons I would say this one had the best first episode so far not just for service but overall as a show as well. One possible major difference for this show compared to the other two is that it gives off a more consensual feel to it. That may change later on since I have not seen enough of the manga but looking at the covers of the manga and other things for this series you can see both characters smiling together plenty of times rather than one looking scared. Hopefully this stays the theme because of it being different since if these shows all end up following the same format of the same character personalities then it will get old fast. With that said both Kuga and Nano gave off more of a personality and a sense of character in this first episode than the pairs in Souryo and Skirt did in their first episode.

I was pleased with this first episode both with it’s service and overall way of handling the story. The service in this episode easily was much better in overall length and content than the previous two’s first episode. It also feels like Seven has improved the animation and artstyle in this compared to when they did Souryo. Hopefully this is a sign that the more these shows get made the better they get at making them or maybe the budget is slowly increasing indicating they are getting popular. This episode also set up a decent amount of story and overall plot point in the first episode (which the others took a few to really get going) while still having enough time to give us a decent amount of service. As someone who liked Souryo more than Skirt I am looking forward to this show since this is now Seven’s second time doing one of these so I really want to see them improve and top Souryo with this one. So hopefully this first episode wasn’t just a one time thing and it keeps up with this level of service for the next episodes.


Has there even been a series where it was the school nurse that was the main girl and was in a relationship with one of the students? There should be as that would be something new and different and could lead to some interesting lewd scenarios.