Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka BD removes lightbeams


Covering moms in slime instead of lightbeams.


The first BD for Okaasan has now released and like reported by those that went to the early BD showing last month there was no nudity in episode 2 when the lightbeams were removed. A shame but next month’s BD is the one in which people claimed nudity with Wise was present so that is main thing to wait for. Even though there is no Mamako nudity in this BD we do get a much better look at her during the slime stuff in episode 2. Also there actually is something that was a surprise change in the BD as well which I’ll point out when we get there and what this could possibly mean for future BDs. Also since episode 1 had no service this will only cover episode 2 and only the changes during that episode.


Episode 2

Right here is where something really significant happens with the BD that many people probably wouldn’t even notice but it is actually really good news because of the potential it provides. Right here after Masato slips while holding himself above Mamako something people probably wouldn’t expect happens and that is new content.


That scene is actually new and wasn’t in the tv version. It’s really short but it’s worth caring about because of what this could mean. In the original tv version after Masato’s hand slips like in the pic before these the next scene is Porta and Wise watching and their reaction. Then the scene switches to the pic right after this one where he is trying to pick himself back up and falls on Mamako again and then the scene switches to Porta and Wise’s reaction again with the exact same frames from the first time before continuing on. So this exact same frame that was used before is reused a second time and though that seemed odd when it happened I doubt anyone thought the reason this was used twice was to censor a scene instead. In the BD version when Masato’s hand slips the next scene is a closeup of him falling into Mamako’s breasts before switching to the scene of him trying to pull himself up and then Porta and Wise’s reaction after that.

Only a minor thing of course but it was a surprise as this wasn’t obvious censorship in the original and it brings up an important question. Could we see changes like this in other episodes as well? If we do then that throws in a whole new level of interest in the BDs. With the lightbeams we know what to expect as we can see what is censored right in front of us. But with changes like this it’s a complete mystery as it involves scenes that we had not seen at all and so can’t even predict them. Hopefully this isn’t just a one time thing and there are other episodes that used scenes to function as a censor cover as well unbeknownst to us with the BD showing the real scene we were supposed to see. Should they do this that adds some unpredictability to what to expect in the future which is actually a good thing as that gives them room to surprise us with something good maybe.


Making alternate loops of scenes always has interesting results by making scenes look different.


This scene actually shows more than the original. In the tv airing this scene was cropped at the bottom some. There is another change like this as well later on.


The BD version shows more here than the original. In the tv version some of the lower half of Mamako is cropped out but here we see it. And with that is the last of the important changes on the first BD.



Webm Album.



Annoying when companies do this and mislead with lightbeams. Especially when it involves a character that they have to know everyone wants to see naked. Either give nudity of them on BD or don’t mislead people by getting their hopes up with lightbeams when you aren’t censoring anything underneath. However I don’t believe all hope is lost and there may be a possible explanation on this. The fact that they have to know Mamako is who everyone wants to see naked leads me to believe that is why they didn’t give nudity of her here as to not play their best card too early.

As I have mentioned here and in a few of the other posts there was a BD screening of episode 2 and 3 last month and according to the claims of those who saw it there was no Mamako nudity in episode 2 but was of Wise in episode 3. So far these claims have been shown to be true with episode 2 and assuming we didn’t have multiple people trolling about this in japan then the next BD which contains episode 3 should give us nudity should this be true. Not only is that nudity important for the obvious reasons but getting nudity in the next episode despite this one having been the perfect opportunity for it would help back up the saving the best for last theory on why we didn’t get Mamako nudity here. Like I said she is obviously the main draw and so if they gave nudity of her this early on in episode 2 then it would be like getting the best part right at the start and now no longer having a reason to care about the rest.

I mainly encounter this problem regularly in hentai in which the girl I want to see a scene of sometimes ends up having her scene really early on. As a result my motivation to continue reading, watching, or playing depending on if it is a manga, ova, or game takes a major dive. I just got what I wanted so my reason for continuing on drops significantly as everything will most likely be downhill from then on. This is the optimistic explanation I can think of on why we didn’t get nudity of Mamako since if the claims are true and we do indeed get Wise nudity later this month in the 2nd BD people would wonder why we didn’t get Mamako here then and this provides a possible explanation. They might be saving Mamako for later on on purpose to not only save the best for last but to possibly encourage people to keep buying the BDs instead of getting what they want at the start and losing interest from then on. As it stands we have no idea what the other BDs will contain and so until that is all said and done the series will remain on people’s mind in anticipation for Mamako nudity finally and that may be what they want to happen to keep the series in remembered longer.

This holds especially true because of that ova that will be released a month after the final BD and until we get some kind of description or pv of it we have no idea what to expect from that either. Optimistically it would hopefully be a fanservice one filled with nudity and that could be where they are saving Mamako nudity for since like I said saving the best for last. So despite this BD not having nudity of her I’m not considering it a loss just yet. We still have a few weeks from now which will confirm if the nudity barrier was indeed broken with Wise and if it is then that will ensure hope for future BDs and the ova. Even though we didn’t get nudity for this BD it did give us something unexpected and that was a short but new scene which adds interest to what the future BDs could contain. That is the main positive to take from this BD as it gives us a layer of unknown and surprise for other changes.

With that new scene added in it establishes the possibility that future BDs doing the same thing giving us new unpredictable content. We already know what scenes were censored with lightbeams after this and we already know that other than the scene with Wise in the next episode none of these others really indicated a significant real potential for nudity for anyone else even when the beams are removed. However if they are adding new scenes into the mix that could change. Who knows if this was just a one off thing for this BD only or if it will be common in other BDs but now that we know there has been a scene shown here on BD that wasn’t in the tv airing it creates an interesting possibility. It’s just wishful thinking but maybe they could create scenes for later episodes even if short like this that could potentially correct this lack of nude opportunities for others even if just a fast quick part showing it. Also the first BD’s sales data came out recently and was 1,480 for both BD and DVD combined which isn’t majorly bad but not something good enough to help ensure a season 2 either. So have to hope the source material got a big enough boost to make up for it but hopefully this also helps with maybe convincing them to give nudity later on to help sales. The 2nd BD comes out on the 30th and that will be when we find out if they are indeed going the nude route.

Ironically while we struggled to have enough content for the week in the previous season we are actually packed this season with a decent amount of posts in waiting. Even finding time to work this in was a problem. I still want to do some comps because of halloween month and need to figure out a time to work them in. Plus I need to get to work on my phoenix wright post or better called all the instances of Mia’s breasts.