Val x Love Fanservice Review Episode 02

Not a lot of BD nudity to look forward to this week, though there were certainly some sexy moments.


(The faces definitely improved this week).


This series may not be taking liberties for nudity, but they are definitely taking some liberties when it comes to ass shots.


Dat ass.


So here’s the one nipple sighting from the manga that we can probably look forward to on BD.  They keep the scene in the anime which is the good news.  The bad news is that it lasts about 1 second.



Overall thoughts:


This episode covers chapters three and four pretty much verbatim.  Hopefully at some point later the series starts adapting three chapters instead of two to keep the pace it will need.  Next week appears to be a decent bet to do that.

Anime-wise, this series just seems to be lacking something.  Yuuna-san was a perfectly passable anime, and Monster Musume was actually a good anime.  Val x Love is simply missing the charm those series had.  It’s still way better than something like Isuca, and it’s definitely not as bad as the 6.2 score it has on MAL right now.  But is this anime skip-able?  So far, yes.

Fanservice-wise, this episode was a nice improvement over last week, even if the amount of potential nudity is less.  The early chapters of the manga tended to focus on ass shots, and the anime actually did a pretty good job of those scenes here, in some cases they look better in the anime than in the manga.

Perhaps most importantly, the art quality and production values look way better this time around.  Hopefully this becomes the norm going forward.  The faces look far less derpy this week which I think is a good choice for this series, even if it means it’s a little less authentic to the manga design-wise.

Looking at the original chapters and then watching this episode, I think the anime is legitimately sexier than the manga so far, at least when it comes to the non-nude service.  The pervy extra close up shots are certainly registering as intended.  Maybe hype is too strong of a word, but I’m definitely jazzed to see how this anime handles the bigger nude scenes down the road.