Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Fanservice Review Episode 3

In all honesty, this featured image came out better than I intended it to.

Ghost girl’s relative or something thinks ghost girl is evil, and tries to cockblock the MC from getting ghost pussy. MC escapes with the flattie relative fro the ghost girl, following her around as if they’re somehow going to outrun a fucking ghost, until they decide to find her real body, because horror movie logic dictates that ghosts are bounded to the real world by objects from their past life, their corpses included. Ghost girl almost gives up on the MC when he acts like a beta male for most of the episode and doesn’t reciprocate her advances, until he pulls a “I was only pretending to be retarded” and wins her back. He then gets to see her naked corpse and realizes in shock that his ghost waifu will never be a milf, which totally isn’t just what I was thinking of as I wrote this crap. That’s the basic gist of the episode for sure. But really, if you want to know what happens, just watch the episode.

Moving on to more important matters, the service is decent as far as non-nude service goes. Some intimacy between the MC and ghost girl amidst their interactions, even if it doesn’t progress further than skin-to-skin contact. Some nice eyecandy too, as ghost girl is naked for most of the episode. Personally, the skin contact coupled with the intimacy is rather fun to see for me. Helps that ghost girl is naked (non-nude type of naked, though), although personally not something I could use as material. If the service ever goes farther than this, I will be pleasantly surprised, but if it doesn’t, it’ll be nothing more than good eyecandy for me. I’m picky though, so I’m sure some of you out there will be more appreciative of this in the long run that I will. This show being artsy makes making media a hassle at times, though…

After hearing word about a method that ScissorMeTimbers and Ares02 either came up with or found somewhere, I decided to implement said method. Basically the method allows the images on this article to display as jpg, but be obtained as png (for those that don’t know about image formats, png is generally better than jpg). As jpg’s are less load-heavy, however, I (along with most of the writers) often used them in articles when the quantity of media was high enough. If the quantity was low enough (around 50-100 caps, stitches, etc.), I would normally keep them as png.

Only problem is that the media on the articles (save for webms) would have their image quality lowered in order to cut down on bandwidth. While this does make the site’s load time better as well, it can be a minor grievance for people that collect media on the site. So this new method basically lets the display images (in jpg format) get raped by photon, while the actual images that are inside the media library of the site (in proper, rape-free png format), are able to be accessed by opening the link attached to the image in a new tab (the link, NOT the image). So the one-and-few media collectors can get the media with identical quality as the source. If you want the exact details of this (or a better explanation, because I can’t explain this properly and briefly for the life of me), ask ScissorMeTimbers about it on discord.

To reiterate, my articles from now onward will have the display images be in JPG, but the link attached to them provide the proper PNG versions. This only matters for media collectors. This does not include the Episodes 1-2 article of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, or any of the Machiavellianism or Keijo (or even Occult; Nine), articles, as I’m a bit too restricted on time to go about doing so anytime soon.

Getting that out of the way, hope you enjoy.


Episode 3

“t!8ball Should I go back and apply color correction to the cap above to make it visible?”


“Guess that answers that.”



This 5th stitch was particularly annoying. The moving background didn’t help it come together easily. Had to mask her character art out of multiple frames, and line them up correctly to get it to work. Though the background got fucked up at certain parts (including around the borders of the chara art), so I had to repair it with the clone tool. I’ll post some prototype images of this stitch in the comments to show some examples. It’s not perfect because I forgot a part of the background art from the frame for the bottom of the stitch, and ended up recreating an estimate of it in GIMP with the aforementioned clone tool (god bless), and when compared to the actual frame, my recreation varies. So yeah, not the best version that this stitch could have been, but its better than nothing.   :p



Note: For the time being, I will not be adding webms to my articles, as when I went ahead and added webms to my Machiavellianism OVA article, it became too load-heavy on mobile devices (where the webms not only play automatically, but have no video controls to pause them with, unlike on desktop), often crashing on me. While this issue was far less frequent with articles containing less webms, this problem was a bit of a hassle (to put this into perspective, I was having this happen with an LG V20, which has pretty good specs for a phone.) As this issue is not something I feel like I can ignore, being a mobile user myself, I’m going to continue with this format until a better alternative for including webms in the articles is found. You can still access them in the album links below, however, although the webms are out of order (thanks gfycat, for not bothering to re-implement a sorting method for webms in an album like you used to have available). Personally I would have liked to continue posting my webms in my articles because of how some have different versions, prompting me to write small notes on them, but I don’t want to risk the article crashing for readers.

On another note, I started making two different albums of webms. The regular album is meant for webms with actual service, something that I was hoping to limit the content in these article primarily to. However, since I felt some webms, while having some sense of intimacy or possible service in them, were a bit unsatisfactory, I decided to separate them into the Rejected Webms album, but not exclude them from this article (in case you were wondering what type of media this would be).

Album Link

Rejected Webms Album Link


Now to hope I can have less difficult stitches and/or webms to make for future episodes. Fun show, but making media isn’t as straightforward as it was for previous show (granted I’m trying to solo this one). ‘Till next time.

Just need two wait two more months before Ereshkigal’s banner comes out in FGO. Dick Wizard alluded me sadly, but no reason I can’t wait two years. And with October finally here, the Babylonia anime will finally commence (excluding early airings of the episodes), meaning I get to see Clay bro get some action scenes. Just hoping they turn out good (I like how his scenes are looking in the anime PV’s so far.) Though going back to the game, Arjuna Alter is probably the next best thing I’ll go for after Ereshkigal (Merlin was just for the memes and to make broken teams), not only because he’s insanely strong, but because he solved my gripe about Arjuna existing in the game yet not being too desirable gameplay-wise, despite his spectacular art. Oh, and let’s not forget that the upcoming Lostbelt in JP during December is another cause for excitement. What’s there not to like about Greek heroes and (potentially) even gods? Well, here’s hoping I get Ereshkigal… :’)