Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 10


Getting serviced by a maid mom.


Even though this episode has another hotspring part it doesn’t really give anything special other than an ass covered by a light beam. So the service for this episode was relatively minor this week other than that and Mamako being in maid clothing.

Masato and the others get back to the guild after Wise had came to warn them in the previous episode that something happened. When they get back someone is trying to sell Mamako a crystal ball telling her it has magic powers and will give everyone in the guild the same attack she has and will help increase the number of members in it and will make her son happy. She agrees to buy it as Masato and the others stop her.

Porta apparently being related to deckard cain uses her ability to identify unknown items on the crystal ball and tells everyone it is really a bomb as the salesman runs off. As everyone tries to figure out what to do with it Mamako decides to treat it like a baby since the alarm on it sounds like one. She gives it head pats and that causes the bomb to deactivate as Porta says it’s one of Mamako’s new skills that lets her stop stuff from exploding with head pats.

Amante shows up while everyone is eating saying she came to watch the explosion till she found out they stopped it. She admits that the salesman was the assassin she sent and as Mamako tries to talk to her she runs off not wanting to deal with her as she says she sent a second person to the guild to make up for the previous failure. They then hear an explosion and see there is smoke coming from their guild.

When they get back they see a new bomb has went off blowing the place up. The new group sent by Amante tells them they have also hid bombs all around town and if they don’t do what they ask they will set them off. They order them to be serviced by their maids including Mamako till they are happy if they don’t want the bombs to go off as Mamako agrees to it.

They first demand food which Mamako makes for them which ends up making them all think about their mothers and the food their moms used to make for them as well. Afterwards they tell her to head to the bedroom so she can take care of their next request.


The leader Pocchi (no way the name is a coincidence with the artist) now asks her to suck his dick and she agrees to it as everyone else gets mad and tries to stop her as she says she will do it for the townspeople. I make these jokes all the time in these posts but then when it actually happens no one will believe it and think it’s just me making something up but in this case it’s real no joke. Mamako doesn’t know what he is asking for though and thinks he means to tuck him in bed to help him go to sleep as she pulls the covers on him tells him and tells him to go to sleep. He says that is wrong but ends up going to sleep anyway while thinking about his mom and how she used to do the same thing. Eventually she does the same thing for the other two until all three of them have fallen asleep. Later after they wake up they leave to return to their moms and tell them they will remove all the bombs on their way back home. No doubt doujins will be made of this entire scene at some point.

Kind of annoying that they missed out on some really good service potential here by not utilizing the misleading interpretation gimmick to the fullest. The leader did actually want milf blowjobs and sex so this could had been the perfect setup for those types of scenes we see occasionally in shows in which a scene looks like something sexual is happening than what really is occurring. In other words they should have had the scene cut away as Mamako moved downwards to the guy’s crotch and switch to maybe Masato and the others looking away and then cut back to Mamako and show her doing something that looks like a sex act but instead it shows shortly after that she is really doing something else but for the first few seconds you as the viewer are supposed to think it is something sexual.  Should had just copied that scene from the first season of senran where ikaruga was giving a massage to asuka’s grandfather but looked like she was fucking him instead at first. If this scene had switched to a misleading Mamako is riding a dick but is really giving a massage scene like senran did it would had made this the best episode (at least till we get actual nudity of her).

Mamako asks everyone to take a bath together so she can talk about the missing children at the tower who are part of Amante’s group but also asks everyone why do they think she hates mothers so much and is doing all of this. As they think about it Amante shows up yelling at them for convincing her best fighters to return to their mothers. When they ask why she is there she tells them that she has no pace to bathe in the tower so she normally washes in the sea and wants to use their bath now instead. The others make fun of her for smelling like the sea as she runs off.

As she runs away she tells them that Mamako is the only thing in her group’s way preventing their plans from happening and that she won’t let them win next time as she escapes. We see a lightbeam during this part when she slips but it’s not anything major since it’s clear it’s just covering her ass which you can’t really see from this angle anyway so no idea what the need for censoring it is. Went frame by frame during the slipping scene just in case there was anything there but there isn’t.

The next day Shirase arrives with a group of mothers including the ones that had their children return yesterday. After the mother of Pocchi makes him apologize for yesterday she and the other mothers thank them and say they will join their guild so that they will have enough people to clear the tower and get the rest of their kids back. Masato thinks how it would had been better to have Pocchi and his group from yesterday join but they said they had other things to do and left as he wonder if a party of mothers is allowed. Shirase tells them she talked to the higher ups and made secret changes to the code to allow mothers by themselves able to join their guild without issue.

A shame their guild of all mothers couldn’t had consisted of good looking ones. Out of all the ones we can see in full the muscle ripped mother is probably the only fuckable one (maybe the blonde in the far back as well but can’t see enough of her to judge). Really hope one day we will get a show in which the main guy’s harem is nothing but older good looking women.

Amante sees the group all heading to the tower and decides she will lay a trap in the tower to stop them before they get there. After they get to the tower though one of the mothers forgets something at home and wants to go back to check on it. Masato tells Wise to use her warp spell to take her there and bring her back after she is done. After hearing this other mothers start having the same requests for things they want to check back at home before entering the tower and ask Wise to teleport them home as well as she starts escorting a bunch of people back and forth using all her magic up.

Amante waits in the tower with a bunch bombs she used before to set as a trap on everyone when they enter the tower but gets bored waiting for them since she doesn’t know about the delay. While waiting she slips on the bombs and ends up setting off the trigger by mistake blowing them up. After Wise has gotten back she still has other mothers asking for trips back home as well or remembering other things to recheck as she drinks a bunch of potions to have enough magic to keep casting the spells needed. Meanwhile others realize Medhi is a healer and ask for her to heal various health issues they have as a crowd forms around her as well. This causes them to have no choice but to delay entering the tower till all the mothers are ready to go in as the episode ends.



Webm Album.



Was hoping we would get another hotspring scene to give more BD potential but sadly looks like this one ended up being tame and didn’t have anything significant in it. With only two episodes left who knows if we will be able to get another one at some point unless maybe they have one at the very end after everything is resolved. The service in this episode was fairly low as well but looking at the preview for the next episode it looks like at the very least we see Mamako in her underwear so that part in the LN showing everyone in their underwear looks to be what we will get next week. Would be nice if something happens leading to them losing that as well and give some nudity opportunities there. Based on the pattern of the previous episodes that concluded each LN volume I’m guessing we won’t have much of a high chance for a lot of service in the last episode after next week but who knows.

Starting to feel like they are saving the ova as the big service content or at least I hope they are. So far the series has given us Wise nudity as the only possibility so far and if the claims from those that saw the BD versions of ep 2 and 3 at the event last week that I mentioned in the last post are true they at least deliver on that front. Still we have the entire rest of the cast that needs nudity as well so really hoping they find some way to get those opportunities somehow in the remaining two episodes or else we have to wait and hope for the ova to deliver. The BD for the last two episodes isn’t till February so even if they do manage something in those episodes we still have to be stuck waiting almost as long as the ova which is a month after that. This episode set things up for the final dungeon so these last two episodes will be final dungeon/battle stuff it seems so let’s hope unlike the previous boss battles this one is less serious and thus gives more service chances.

Since they are in a game how was that blowjob supposed to work anyway? Did they program the ability to engage in sex acts in the game? Considering the purpose of the game is to help mothers bond with their children are they encouraging that kind of bonding and if they are they should let us see it. The entire game should just consist of all milf orgies based on the mechanics of the game. After all it seems to be their real bodies in the game and yet they can still die but not die for real and even take injuries and not have it impact them for real since it’s able to be reversed. So under that logic if dying doesn’t count as dying and injuries don’t stay in regards to their bodies then all the mothers fucking their sons shouldn’t count as incest either since what happens here doesn’t seem to have an effect on their real life bodies. I have just justified turning the game world into a milf hentai mmorpg I am a genius.