Girls Bravo Episode 19 DVD Fanservice Review

Miharu, Kirie, and Koyomi become phantom thieves!

The spirit of Girls Bravo is so encapsulated with this episode, and the majhong one prior. At this point the anime sneaks in character development every other moment, while still pulling us into it’s goofy inherent nature by thrusting us into a different scenario each episode. Can you imagine if they remade this show? Would the character development we want still be there? Or would it take more of a proactive fanservice type format. Who knows?
Episode 19 starts with a Koyomi shower scene, and then converts into the girls putting on bunny phantom thief wear.

The girls steal a golden mask from the cleaning dude from an episode prior? and he is embracing Risa Fukuyama? Well this is odd… 

During the chase down sequence, the girls dodge fukuyama’s trusty cowboy rope swing with blow up dolls. It is also revealed that Risa is the daughter of Mamaru. Now I know i’m in some sort of parallel universe.  Tomoka wants to join the Phantom Thieves but instead is rejected because of her young age. Back at their Cafe, Koyomi seduces Fukuyama in order to steal a vital clue from Fukuyama. This clue pertains to the existence of Black Snow, another crime figure invading on the Phantom Thief turf. Black snow has captured Mamoru’s duaghter Risa. Wait!? their cafe? What cafe, there has never been a cafe…

As it turns out, Fukuyama got the best of the Phatom Thieves, and hid in place of his sister with a mask and wig, also it turns out that Black Snow was Yukinari Sasaki all along. After all is revealed Miharu gets very frustrated and waves her arms real fast. Moving fast + The pile of slime they fell leads into a major wardrobe malfunction!

After a little bit of fun, Fukuyama pleads for Kirie to turn herself, and the Phantom Thieves in. Leaving us with a little romantic moment between the two of them.

Tomoka comes to save the day as she drops oil on the Phantom Thieves, calling herself the Petite Thief. She brings them up for a getaway on the Ebi Balloon. Fukuyama grabs on the balloon, and pleads once more for Kirie to turn herself in, while sacrificing himself because Ebi is unable to maintain balloon status.

Fukuyama lives, and his selfless sacrifice earns him the hearts of all three girls. So Kirie, Koyomi, Miharu, and even Tomoka fight for the affection of Fukuyama.

Well okay this is too fishy, whats really going on? Oh its a cleverly edited movie that Fukuyama made, that started with the start of the shower scene. Clever.

And Fukuyama is legit all the credits for the movie. Also he spied on Koyomi in the shower, so there’s that.

Stitches by ScissorMeTimber’s

Lips By Scissor?
Wait what? Oh this is the close cut-in on Koyomi’s lips. They zoomed in on her lipstick. Interesting frames of animation, if at very minimum this is a great reference if you looking into drawing facial proportions.

Webm’s (lips by scissor)






See you next time, cause hot Miharu’s Mamama Maharu is up next! (no that’s not the actual title)