Sounan Desu ka? TV Episode 08 Special Edition Fanservice Review

Even anime girls stranded on a deserted island need to bathe in an onsen…

Special edition fanservice review.  Read all about it…


Aka Are You Lost?.

Plot summary from ANN:

Because of a plane crash a group of students [high school girls] are spending their lives on a desert island where there’s nothing available and they’ll have to make it themselves. The students will show [how] to eat cicadas, how to build traps, a simple allergy test, how to eat hermit crabs, and more. (from manga)

Tags from AniDB, ANN and MAL:

adventure, comedy, half-length episodes, seinen, yuri


Episode 08

Title and summary from Wikipedia:

Oasis Found!?”


The smoke turns out to be steam from a hot spring, which the girls immediately decide to soak in. The next day, Homare asks the others to help her retrieve some rope from the bottom of a ravine. When a thunderstorm appears, the girls take measures to protect themselves from the lightning.

It’s a special edition fanservice review of one episode.  With an unexpected and all-too-brief beach scene.  Which isn’t even mentioned in the episode summary.  LOL.  It’s probably best to let the images and video clips speak for themselves without going into a lot of detail for an anime that may not be reviewed again.


WebMs  (WebM Album)



Gotta go with a few stitches and snapshots from other episodes.


Check out the links to AniDB, ANN and MAL if you want to learn more about the characters and story.

Hindsight is 20-20.  Sounan Desu ka? aka Are You Lost? turned out to be one of the most consistent of Summer 2019 anime when it came to fanservice.  Even with half-length episodes.  Pretty much every single episode has had some fanservice even if just cute girls in underwear.  Episode 08 was the best because of the onsen scene.  No towels on a deserted island either.  There probably should have been weekly fanservice reviews but it wasn’t picked up by one of our writers.  Unfortunately.  But now, at least there’s a special edition fanservice review for the best episode…

Just don’t expect nipples on BDs.  Sounan Desu ka? doesn’t seem to be that kind of a show.  More of girl power / survivalist kind of show…


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