Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 11


Raiding a tower in underwear.


Though there is no nudity in this episode there is plenty of underwear service near the halfway point for all the characters as everyone remains in their underwear for the remainder of the episode. We even get service of Shirase for the first time in the show so there is that bonus as well.

After getting into the tower Wise is too tired to continue on due to using all her mp up in the previous episode. Masato agrees to carry her as they eventually find the floor had collapsed from Amante’s bombs in the previous episode. Porta finds a way to climb up it as everyone followers her. Amante wakes up from being under the rubble and quickly uses a warp pad so she can get ahead of them.

Amante sets a trap for everyone that will shock them with lightning if they raise a weapon. As she waits for them to arrive a monster appears and she tries to attack it activating her own trap. Meanwhile the other moms have gotten tired and so they decide to rest to eat. Afterwards Mamako tells everyone to collect the dishes as she gets ready to wash them before they continue on.

Amante gets tired of waiting for everyone to show up and she runs to them to find out what is taking so long. When she sees Mamako getting ready to wash the dishes she decides to challenge her to a dishwashing competition to prove she is better and beat her right there instead.

They have a contest on who can wash the dishes the best and fastest with Mamako winning as she uses her sword to create water and wash them. Amante after losing challenges her to another fight and they decide to wash laundry for the next round.

Mamako wins the laundry washing contest as well using her sword’s powers to do stuff with it again to win. Amante having lost runs off and says she will win next time (should had challenged Mamako to a sex competition instead in which they both have to fuck Masato if she needed another challenge).

After reaching the next floor they see more traps on the ground and use Wise to test them. When nothing bad happens they all decide to step on the traps while working their way up the floors. Eventually they discover the reason the traps were making them feel lighter is because it was making all their armor disappear and everyone is in their underwear now. Shirase tells them that she made sure the other mothers didn’t step on them and only they did. Masato worries about how all of their defenses are now at zero thanks to that as they hear the sound of a bunch of monsters coming from behind the door in front of them.

When the door opens they see Amante with an army of monsters with her and that she also happened to step on the same traps they did as well making her stripped to her underwear as well.

Amante orders the monsters to attack everyone and just as they get ready to fight one of the mothers says she recognizes something on one of the monsters as being the same as Pocchi. Amante tells everyone that all the monsters are really Pocchi and his group whom decided to rebel against her and had came to try and stop her so she turned them all into monsters as a result. Mamako refuses to fight them because of this as the mothers ask not to hurt their kids. As they try to figure out what to do the monsters all put their weapons down and ask their moms for help refusing to follow what Amante orders.

Amante uses a special spell when they refuse to listen which causes all of them to be enraged as they run to attack the mothers under her control while Amante leaves to head to the top of the tower to get her wish granted. Wise and Medhi use their magic to slow the monsters down as Mamako goes to talk to the other mothers to plan on what to do.


Mamako gives all the mothers a speech about raising children as she regains her armor and is able to create a spell that gives all the other mothers armor as well. The light beams here are really odd considering we have seen everyone including her in their underwear and at multiple angles already uncensored this episode. They must be doing this on purpose to fulfill some censorship quota or something.

Now that the mothers all have special armor that protects them from taking any damage they all run up and hug their kids which results in them calming down and turning back to normal as everyone gets their kid back. Afterwards they talk to Pocchi who says he and his group came here to try and stop Amante on their own to make up for what they did before but then she turned them all into those monsters. He then tells them that the wish Amante wants to have granted at the the top of the tower is to remove all mothers from the world and they have to stop her before she does as the episode ends.



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A shame that this episode only went as far as underwear and didn’t go further than that at some point and made everyone fully naked but at least we got some service out of it. Considering the next episode is the final battle and looking at the preview pics for it and based on how the previous boss battles in the show have went this might had been our last chance for service in the show. Would had been nice if they used this setup to give nudity because of that fact but at least we got to see something from Shirase which was a plus. My guess is that the final episode will be mainly focused on speeches and other such things like we saw with Wise and Medhi’s mom fights so not expecting anymore service remaining but hoping they do find something to squeeze in next week.

With that said next week does happen to also be the release of the first BD as well so we have that also. However don’t expect anything from the first one. Based on those claims from those that saw the uncensored BD episodes at that event there was no Mamako nudity in episode 2 during the slime part but it was episode 3 with Wise where we get nudity and that won’t be till the second BD next month. There is always the chance they could make changes to episode 2 to include nudity based on feedback from the event but considering how little time there was between then and release I don’t expect that. Would be nice but not expecting it at all. Point is don’t freak out when the BD comes out next week if there ends up being no nudity in it since so far according to claims there was none in that first BD and it won’t be till the 2nd BD with episode 3 where the claims of nudity come up.

I’ll still do a post on the BD showing any changes assuming it turns up but it won’t be till next month according to those claims that we will really get to see the important stuff so keep that in mind. Only one episode left now and as a result only one last chance to get more nudity chances out of the show before we have to rely on the ova after that. Hoping they do find some way to fit BD nudity in the last episode since so far Wise has been the only one we have been presented a guaranteed situation to look forward to on the BDs and no one else. Just wishful thinking but would be a good way to end the show if after they turn Amante good which you know is going to happen they all decide to take a bath together and present us with a bunch of opportunities there to end the show on. Should next week be as tame as the previous battle episodes than we will have to put all hope on the march ova after that. So hopefully it doesn’t come to that but if it does just remember we still have that ova to make up for everything.

Only one more post and then I have nothing else to do because there is nothing in fall I care about. Will need to look up some horror ecchi manga to do comps of instead. Already have a few in mind so will probably do that for october. Might do some other stuff as well don’t know for sure. If I do the phoenix wright season 1 fanservice post how will people react I wonder. Will depend on if I get really bored.