Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 12 (END)

Are you ready for the last show?

The last episode of Tejina-senpai goes all-out, with everything. Gags and fanservice.

So we get Saki-san and Ma-kun trying to teach Senpai how to make balloon art (with the usual mishaps)…

(I often ask this question too.) (A whole set of very bad ideas.)


… Senpai trying an escape trick with shackles and as result passing the night closed in a locker…


… Assistant-kun playing around in the Chemistry Club and Senpai suddendly getting territorial about her club’s minions…

(Hell yeah, meeting secretely with another club is the highest point of infidelty.) (There’s a totally safe explanation for this.) (Never. They came here to stay.)


… Assistant-kun sleeping soundly in the club room and Senpai trying to not wake him up while going on with her usual training…

(And the coin was never found…) (Anarchic pigeons.) (Good job in throwing away a perfectly romantic scene.)


…and last but not least, Senpai trying to get over her stage fright with shock therapy (spoiler: it doesn’t work).

(It will not work, but go ahead.) (Who doesn’t?) (Too happy and…) (CHECKMATE! But we will never see it.)



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Opening/Ending: 7 . The opening starts in an unconventional way, but both the themes are catchy and likeable. Nothing worth writing home about, but nice.

Character Development: 3 . Zero. Niet. Nicht. Nada. Nothing. It’s not meant in a bad way, but simply the story ends with the characters mostly the same as they started, with only bland improvements if at all.

Points of interest: 8 . Boobs. This series got decent animation even though the setting doesn’t make it shine. Many gags and sketches are genuinely fun. Senpai swinging from “too cute to exist” and “too dumb to survive” also play a significant role.

Illustrations: 7 . The character-design isn’t really deep or focused, but kudos to LIDENFILMS (the studio) for keeping a more or less constant quality.

Fanservice: 7 . If we were talking about jiggling, cleavages, upskirts and this kind of thing, this series has them. The gamut of fanservice. Unfortunately, there where some cases where they could’ve pushed a bit more and didn’t.

Overall: 6.4 . Tejina-Senpai is a nice anime. While the episodes may not be all on-point, the 12 minutes span is the ideal lenght for this kind of anime. It may also be worth a rewatch from time to time (especially if the BD version will enhance certain scenes).